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From: Nancy April 25th 2013
Azz has helped me with four castings. The first was a work related issue during the fall of 2010. That issue required a 7 night casting. It was completely successful (despite major issues) and it was fully resolved within 3 days post casting.  The remaining three castings were all relationship related and done between 2010 and 2013. (One has just been completed so we will await results). The other two were successful. The intention was met in both of them. Thinking back, what I requested did happen in one of them as I had stated. I probably should have thought about a different outcome as I got what I asked for, then didn't want it that way (ha ha). Bottom line, Azzrian gets results! I believe she is so successful because of several reasons: First of all, she knows all the intricate details of casting (how to utilize the lunar cycle, what to ask for, what not to ask for, how to word things appropriately, now not to cloud the intention with too many requests.) Secondly, she has a keen psychic insight to read people. She won't even do a casting or recommend it unless she firmly believes in the cause. In fact, she doesn't even bring up casting, you have to bring it up to her and then she will only do it in certain situations she feels it will work well for.  Thirdly, when you hire her do to a casting, you know it is actually being done (not like other casters I have heard of who just take your money and go to bed.)  Azz stays up late every night of a casting, night after night until it is completely done. She contacts you throughout the casting to give and receive updates.  She is a true professional! I highly recommend her.

Tanya Gposted to
Azz has been there for me for almost two years now and I go to her whenever I am unsure or which direction to choose. She has always been available, understanding, thorough and patient!! I always come back to her because beyond all of the above mentioned she is ACCURATE!! I have been more than amazed at what she does and the reassurance she gives me is PRICELESS!!!

Ditto! same ere! Azz is an Angel sent from above to help us and guide us.. she is such a special lady and love her very much! xx

From ~S~ 
I've been a client of Azzrian's for over a year and a half now. She's done castings and readings for me. Her readings are always on target- the situations, the people involved, and my own feelings about it, even if I don't want to admit them to myself! Her intuition is remarkable, she has always given me clarity, validation, and real guidance, especially when it comes to my current relationship. Her predictions for me have always been accurate and having her on my side through difficult decisions definitely helps me feel more confident on which path to take. I've had a few pretty hard situations happen recently, leading me to be pretty confused and just perpetually negative. I asked Azzrian to cast a spell to bring me clarity and help restore my usual positive self. Since the last day of casting, I have been feeling so much more optimistic about things- I've also been feeling more motivated and empowered. I am confident that through this, I'll be able to make more sound decisions and be more clear on the next steps to take. I feel really lucky to have Azzrian not only as a spiritual guide, but really as a friend. She is a wealth of knowledge, has a wonderful sense of humor, is generous, and is just an all around awesome person, a beautiful soul. She truly listens to all my concerns, is refreshingly honest, and is always supportive of my decisions. I'll always turn to her when I need spiritual guidance. Love ya Azz!!!

I personally don't do any comments but I thought I really want to share this with everyone.
I've done many spell from different casters and none of them are working and I even had a woman asked me for $3000AUD otherwise, my man will gone forever. Until I found Azz, I read all her blog , her articles are very detail especially the caster article, it explains to me everything and how does it works etc. So i think I give it a go and I started email to Azz, the spells which cast from Azz are so different, she asked me to focus on what I want and helped me to back into the right track. Azz is not only a spell caster for me, she is my friend, she treated me like her friend, she cares about my feeling . We email each other everyday during the casting process, it felt like she is giving me energy and walk me though that painful journey.
I've done 10 days spell from Azz and on the 12th days, my ex contacted me. We met and I can see the love in his eyes, I can feel the different although he's not asking me back yet but at least he shows me he wanted to work it out. We will take time and try to work it out together. He 's very stubborn man, we have been together for 2 and half years and have on and off relationship and now this is the first time he was trying to listen to me and was finally opened up his heart to me.
After the spell casted, not only I have hope with my ex , I also feel the change of myself , I feel more positive, I understand myself more. So everyone, if you feel you have no hope and doesn't know what to do, try Azz as she will give you the honest advise and if you follow everything she asked you to do then it will works. Today, I ordered another 2 spells from Azz, one is for my career and the other one is for my self improvement. I have faith with these 2 spells also as I believe in Azz.
Thank you Azz for everything, I will definitely become your regular customer.


REALLY GOOD. Confirmed all my feelings about a situation and gave my answers which actually fit and were what I felt as well. Very Very insightful and good at nailing personalities and what they feel. A few readings back she told me thing my bf felt that he literally told me in the EXACT WORDS regarding a certain situation..Def. the most to the point and continually accurate for me on LP - she has yet to tell me ANYTHING which I felt was slightly incorrect.
Very prompt, detailed and honest assessment of where I stand with a very complex situation -- Azz always uses her kindness and honesty to bring the insight needed at the time it is needed most. You should consider yourself fortunate to be one of her clients.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks Azz for always being there for me. I'm at a critical point in my path and you are always there to relieve my anxiety and reassure that I'm moving in the right direction.

Azz...THANK YOU !!!! PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT detailed career advice. Asking you about all the companies I am pursuing has helped me throw a dart in the spiral. I also REALLY appreciate your insight about before I make a decision of which ones to focus on, I take another close look at what I WANT to do which is a creative passion I've had on the sidelines. I've been feeling I needed to dive into that NOW with faith because I would be much happier in the long run. You really, really help me stand outside of my "comfort zone" which equals stagnation and fear of the unknown...and take positive action. Time and time again I've put your advice to action and all has SURPASSED my expectations ! AND..also as usual, the rest of the read or my "energy checkup" was UNBELIEVABLE. I'm excited to continue my ever complicated and challenging path that connects me more and more to this Divine and loving universe. What a gift...

My first experience here: I must say it was VERY IMPRESSIVE, VERY ACCURATE!!! I started to feel something very special (healing, I guess) when watched her blog. Then I gave myself several days to feel better if I should contact or not....and I am very happy that I contacted Azzrian Visions!! She explained things so clearly, mentioned things that the other person told me before. Everything in this reading was so right that I have the feeling that the predictions will also be right. I will definitely update and I hope to stay in touch with this gifted Lady. Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


Azzrian has a rare gift. She is not only able to determine the future months, or maybe years in advance, but she can also read the people involved like a book. She has been accurate since I first spoke with her last year, and she continues to offer me much needed support. If you are thinking about a reading, definitely talk to her.

Oh My Gracious !!! UNBELIEVABLE !!! I've been with Azzrian for almost a year now, and I would NOT BE THIS HAPPY RIGHT NOW or as comfortable in my path without her insight and guidance. I am in NO WAY saying that my path is now EASY....believe me...I've had my guts ripped out and was at rock bottom with much of my journey to this point, but I'd rather grow than take the "easy way"...the easy way keeps you on the mundane treadmill of life....( Please read her beautiful "Timber" poem on her Blog !!!). I am NOT a weak person. I am very proud of my abilities to function in tough work / life situations, but when the walls started caving in around me, I realized that there is great strength in ASKING for help. THANK YOU GOD, for leading me to Azzrian !!!! I canvassed several others, but had a "feeling" of trust, care and comfort when first looking at her website...which has ALSO evolved with so much FREE information that benefits us all ! What a wonderful leap of faith and I know I was specifically "guided" to her !!! Azzrian's immensly CAREFUL and NON-CONDESCENDING guidance allowed me to evolve at a pace that my soul could handle. The Guides shed light to us all in pure love...they have consistently been telling me what I needed at that time...the good and the tough....giving hints to what was to come in my future if I stayed "open" to their messages and not try to manipulate the readings to what I wanted to hear. I've re-read my readings consistently and I STILL find new "a-ha's" that I missed prior...because I WASN'T FULLY READY to accept the meaning. I've worked through some really difficult situations (as we all do...it is relative to each of us...SO DON'T JUDGE ANYONE FOR THEIR SHORTCOMINGS)...and even with this last reading...that affirms most of MY INTUITION for a change...it is NOT EXACTLY where I want to be RIGHT NOW, but I have such CLARITY and HOPE to do the "hard work", "be still and allow" to get to that point. This recent reading PULLS IT ALL TOGETHER, and makes it "not as hard" because I know for sure that I am on track and will reach my goal !! It is the key puzzle piece that I've been seeking...AND IT IS HUGE !!!!! BUT I understand that...EVERY step / reading up to NOW has been JUST AS IMPORTANT !!! Most importantly in ALL OF THIS, it has been Azzrian's unconditional love....she has been a Mother, Sister, Teacher, TRUSTED Friend, Coach, and CHEERLEADER....ALWAYS SO JOYOUS FOR THE JOY when I've worked through issues and finally "GET IT". There is no one on the Earth like her, and I AGAIN...cannot tell you HOW PROFOUND and PRECIOUS this woman is to humanity. She quickly throws a dart in the drama and "shakes out the trash" so you can HEAR YOUR SOUL ...but you have to be willing to listen and HEAR ALL OF IT. Much Love to all who are searching for peace....you will be shown how to achieve it IN ANY SITUATION with Azzrian's patient help !!! I love you dearly, Azzrian ! M

I also have over 4000 reviews for you to read on liveperson where I have worked as a spiritual advisor since May of 2005. I have a 4.99 rating average out of a 5.00

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    My view on doing readings for you is that you need the facts, you need the truth but you also need to make your own choices.

    I do not judge because I have been there and if I have not my empathic gifts allow me to feel what it is like to be in your shoes.

    I will never sugar coat but I do deliver honesty with great compassion and if you need or want  to stay in a situation my guides and I feel you need to get out of I will support you in that situation until YOU are ready to make a change.

    We all have to walk our path to our own beat. No one should ever make you feel you are silly, stupid, or naive.

    Most of the time when we are walking our path we know what we are doing wrong, we know we should take a new path or we know we need to change. I am here to help you see the possibilities, tell you what the other person is thinking and feeling, let you know the options and outcomes of each path you have to choose from, but I am not here to force you to take any specific path.

    There are lessons to learn on every path and reasons for our being on them. There are no mistakes and there are no wrong choices! Even if we are not on the best possible path we may need to still learn from the one we are on.

    Every day we are faced with obstacles, confusion, criticism, and energies that drag us down. I will ease those burdens.

    Doing spiritual readings, energy work and life coaching is in fact my life, not just a hobby. It is my life path and my career path. It’s not something I tinker with on the side, its not a game to me and I take it very seriously and take your situations with earnest. So know when I read for you I am putting my 100% effort into YOU.
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    Remote View Certification, 2004
    Ordained Minister Non-Denominational, 2005
    Holistic Life Coach Certification, 2005
    Chakra Balancing Certification, 2007
    Formed Azzrian Visions Psychic Portal, 2009
    Currently Working on Aromatherapy Certification
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    Thank you Azz. What you said about my upper management was on the dot. I would follow your suggestions. And you are also right about my wife's learning opportunity, I didn't look that way as I only saw the now instead of the future.Feb 22 2014
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    Azziran's insights are always so accurate and spot on, and her advice is totally correct and helpful. So amazing. Thank you so much again.Feb 18 2014