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Services and Fees

Please Visit my Website to Purchase your Reading

Once payment is made please email me at azzrianv@gmail.com to request your reading.

Send first names and dates of birth where applicable.

Detailed information on readings are listed below but purchase must be made from my website linked above. You are also able to read all of the info on services and fees on my website Services and Fees page linked above.

Email Readings and Live Chat Readings
Email readings are detailed and in-depth.
Include names and dates of birth if known of anyone you are asking about including your own name and date of birth.
You may ask as many questions on as many topics as you wish. There is no limit to how many questions you can ask.

I will answer all of your questions and provide further detail, depth, and insight from my guides as provided.

Live Chat readings are a great way to get one on one time together to look into your current situations and get fast answers! Some people prefer chat as they can interject at anytime with new thoughts, and questions that may arise by the answers they get as we chat in real time. 
Live chat readings can be done via Skype or Yahoo Messenger.

Unlimited Package Options

Unlimited Option 1
Includes unlimited email readings for 30 days from date of payment.
This option is best when you know you are going to need several in-depth email readings but also want the flexibility to ask one or two questions here or there anytime you need without paying for an entire email reading.
This is excellent in times of stress, new relationships, break-ups, or times when you need a little extra support.

Unlimited Option 2
Includes unlimited email and chat readings for 30 days from date of payment.
Email readings can be requested any time, chat sessions require appointment.
Your chat session will get priority however.
This is excellent for the same situations as in Option 1 but also allows for chat via Yahoo or Skype chat so that we can communicate directly during readings.

Email Bundle Option 1
Five Email Readings to be used as needed.
The email readings do not expire and you can stretch them out over a period of time to save money. 
This equates to one free email reading.

Email Bundle Option 2
Ten email readings to be used as needed.
The email readings do not expire and you can stretch them out over a period of time to save money. 
This equates to two free email readings.

Soul Mate and Past Life Readings

Soul mate Readings
Soul mate readings can be done for you and a loved one. They will tell you your soul contract, what lessons have been and are yet to be learned from each other and if your relationship is meant to be a forever love or temporary one. You can learn what impacts the relationship and how to over come obstacles in your path, how to make peace, find harmony or if you need to let go and find closure within each other.
Continue to read below for the right option for you and greater detail on these readings. 

Past Life Readings
Past Life Readings are provided either for yourself as an individual or you can ask for a Cross Past Life Reading in which you and another person are involved. This type of reading is the most popular.
A Cross Past Life Reading will uncover past lives you have shared with another person, your connection to each other in those past lives, and how the past impacts your relationship today.
You can uncover so much about why the two of you interact the way you do, obstacles you face, lessons to be learned and even if peace needs to be made due to errors of the past.
Some couples find that unlocking the past can aid them so much in today simply be seeing patterns that are still playing out today due to past life circumstances!
These readings require 24 hours to deliver as they take an intense regression focus on my part and a long time to type up to deliver to you.
You can anticipate three past lives to be discussed with the potential for more.

Tarot, Crystal, Rune and Scrying Readings
If you need more information on any of these services feel free to email me.
 Energy Healing: (chakra, reiki, aura etc) or buy a package for discounted rates! 

If you need more information on any of these services feel free to email me.

Psychic Profiling and Remote Viewing:
 Please email me to discuss your needs. 

 Spell Casting
You can request a spell for just about any purpose as long as it is not against free will of another. I adhere to the wicca rede "harm ye none".
Please email me with the services you are needing. 

You must read this article before contacting about spell casting services. 
You can request a spell for:
Love and Romance
Casting Away Negativity
Sexual Attraction
And so much more! 

This spell work is intense and grants long term results.
You may also ask for a one night casting which can be done during certain moon phases. This type of casting opens a window of opportunity giving you a head start, or boost in a situation. If you are not sure which type of casting you need or why feel free to email me.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all about readings!

I do NOT do readings on Pregnancy, Legal Matters or Health Issues.
My readings are in no way to be used in place of seeking Medical, Legal, or Counseling Services.