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About Azzrian

Well, where to begin - I suppose you do not want to know my entire life story but if I had to sum up my early years I would have to say my motto from birth to the age of about 22 was live hard or die trying. 
I was always a bit crazy and wild. Just ask my poor mother. 
I wanted to experience everything possible as fast as I could and boy did I. 
My great great grandmother was my first mentor and she was the one who showed me what I was capable of when it comes to the spiritual life I live.
Now when I say spiritual I mean my abilities. 
I do not want to confuse spirituality with religion here. I did in fact attend just about every church known to man and always have had a deep interest in religion - all types of religion. However religion is not faith and is not what makes one spiritual or not.
My great great grandmother - Emma Dora Olson was a Swedish woman and she could be quite stern and very upfront about things. She also was very warm too. My memories of her include “flaking out” or taking a nap with her in front of the television and making peanut brittle and of course learning about spiritual gifts.
Then when I was 24 I had my son, Nick. He really calmed me down and made me focus more on stability and of course on him! : ) 
My daughter Emma came 14 months later. 
I have dedicated my life to my children who are now in their late teens - my son just graduated high school and I am starting to see what “empty nest syndrome” feels like but I have a few more years yet before I really have to face that.
My view on doing readings for you is that you need the facts, you need the truth but you also need to make your own choices. I do not judge because trust me I have been there and if I have not my empathic gifts allow me to feel what it is like to be in your shoes. I have been through a lot in my life and I will not bore you with the details but I will say I can almost promise nothing is shocking that you could tell me. 
I believe in reincarnation and I believe we are meant to fail and succeed and sometimes we have to go through hell and back to get to a higher place. 
I will never sugar coat but I do deliver honesty with great compassion and if you need or want  to stay in a situation my guides and I feel you need to get out of I will support you in that situation until YOU are ready to make a change. We all have to walk our path to our own beat. No one should ever make you feel you are silly, stupid, or naive. Most of the time when we are walking our path we know what we are doing wrong, we know we should take a new path or we know we need to change. I am here to help you see the possibilities, tell you what the other person is thinking and feeling, let you know the options and outcomes of each path you have to choose from, but I am not here to force you to take any specific path. That is up to you and you alone. There are lessons to learn on every path and reasons for our being on them. There are no mistakes and there are no wrong choices! Even if we are not on the best possible path we may need to still learn from the one we are on.
I want to be your advisor because I am here in support of you. I want you to see what it feels like to really have someone on your side, never judging and supporting you all the way. I can give facts, details, and predictions with timeframes based on the path you are on and show you the difference in facts, details, predictions and timeframes if you take a different direction - then I support you on the choices you make. 
Every day we are faced with obstacles, confusion, criticism, and energies that drag us down. Between my articles here on the blog and my spiritual services I hope to help ease those burdens. 
I appreciate feedback and comments left on my articles, I take article request if there is a topic you want to know more about and I offer many extra bonuses for my clients.
I regularly hold free chat sessions in the chat box at the bottom of the blog. These chat sessions rage from topics on soul mates to dating to developing psychic ability - just about anything you can imagine! 
I run specials often and post on the blog when I am running them. I at times will tweet or post specials on Facebook as well so be sure you follow my blog, follow me on twitter and add me to your Facebook so you can take advantage of all these offers! 
I like to have fun with my clients and when we do the live chats it is really an open format you can ask questions and talk to other people who enjoy the same topics. I often offer drawings and give aways in my free chat sessions too! 
I have worked on liveperson.com a well known psychic reading site since 2005 and there you can see all my ratings and reviews - over 4000 of them. I do have a high rating average of 4.99 out of a possible 5.00 but that is not to toot my own horn - just letting you know as I am often asked about my accuracy. So you can see that for yourself here:
Doing spiritual readings, energy work and life coaching is in fact my life, not just a hobby. It is my life path and my career path. This is my only source of income but it does not make me rich by any means. I am not here to get rich quick and I may never be rich lol but thats not why I do this. I charge to give my kids a home and security but I do what I do because I love to do it! 
Its not something I tinker with on the side, its not a game to me and I take it very seriously and take your situations with earnest. So know when I read for you I am putting my 100% effort into YOU. I do not work when my energy is low and if you request a reading and my energy is not at 100% I will tell you and you can give me time to ground and balance my energy so you get the reading you deserve or I am happy to refer you to another trusted expert. You deserve nothing but 100% focus on you and your situation when you come for a reading and with me that is exactly what you will get.
Some of the areas I can help with include:

Relationship and Love Advice 
Help with Affairs, Breaking up, and Divorce 
Help with Children and Parenting 
Specializing in Soul Mate Relationships and past lives
Remote Viewing and Psychic Profiling
Help with your Intuitive Child 
Career and Money Readings 
White Magic Spell Castings 
Love Triangle Readings 
Gay Relationship Readings Non-Judgemental Advice and Clarity 
Rune Stone Readings Crystal Readings Scrying Readings Pendulum Readings 
Soul Cleansing ( a Spiritual form of Life - Coaching ) 
Energy work such as Reiki, Arua Cleansing and Chakra Balancing
Don't hesitate to inquire of these or other services I offer. 

Precognitive and Retrocognitive Abilities:

Clairvoyant - I See 
Clairaudient - I Hear 
Empath - I Feel 
Psychic Medium - I speak with and through spirit.


Druid / Wiccan with background in Christianity and Apostolic Religions

Psychic and Tarot Certification, 1982
Bio-Feedback Certified, Menninger Foundation, 1987
Past Life Regression Certification TSM, 1989
Remote View Certification, 2004
Ordained Minister Non-Denominational, 2005
Holistic Life Coach Certification, 2005
Chakra Balancing Certification, 2007
Currently Working on Aromatherapy Certification

Well, I guess that is enough about me for now. However I am an open book so if you ever want to know more or have questions just ask! 
Oh and check out this cool site I discovered not too long ago - its an “interview site” and there is a lot more info about myself and my thoughts here;
With love, 
Azzrian Visions