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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Manifesting Intentions

Manifesting Intentions

If you go to bed on Monday night dreading what you have to do on Tuesday then you have just set your intentions to have a bad day on Tuesday regardless of what happens. You could wake up Tuesday morning, go into work and find out that you got that long awaited raise and sure you will be happy about THAT but you will find something else to “go wrong” or be dissatisfied with as you already determined that Tuesday was going to be dreadful. The opposite is also true, you can go to bed feeling great and thinking that you are totally looking forward to Tuesday, go into work, and find out you were overlooked for a promotion, but because you set your tone the previous night to believe Tuesday was going to be good, it will be good. Perhaps nothing good comes along to make up for the lack of a promotion, or maybe something does, but either way your energy is already predetermined to have a good day therefore even the bad stuff that happens won’t hit you square in the face as hard as it would have had you not set your intentions to have a good day! You will find that by setting your intentions before hand to manifest a good day your energy will be lighter from the get go and even if you are exhausted, or even if people pile loads of work on you, and even if you get some disappointing news, your energy will carry you through and you will feel better than you would have if you manifest a bad day. 

See how easy it is! Change your mind, change your outlook, change your outcome! 

The cool thing about this is its like exercise, or having a healthy eating pattern in your life, it builds and continues to develop into something more and more positive as time goes on! The longer you do this, the better you will feel overall, and the more positive days you will have before you! 

No this won’t keep “life things” from happening, loved ones will still have hard days, someone you have known for years may still pass away, you may still get a bad grade on a term paper, you may still not win the heart of the man of your dreams but your recovery time in hard times will be so much faster when you are nurturing your soul, just like a healthy person will heal faster from a surgery than a person who has not taken care of their body! 

So take care of yourself and start manifesting good things, good intentions, and have good days! 


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