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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Full Wolf Moon

On January 15th we will have a full moon. It is known as the Full Wolf moon because Native American tribes would hear the hungry wolf howl at the full moon in the depths of the cold wintery snow. In some tribes this same moon was called the Snow Moon, or Old Moon, or simply The Moon after Yule. 

Full moons are always wonderful times for casting, or setting intentions for the coming month. I have always offered full moon energy work, casting, and intentions, however this year I wanted to give a little background on the moon as well while doing so. 

It isn't much but it is nice to have a little history to increase our knowledge of what each moon can do for us! 

Any full moon is a good time to ask for love, romance, fertility, increase in one's psychic abilities, or clarity. It is a good time to ask for guidance on making decisions, and for healing.

With the Wolf Moon this month it is a wonderful time to consider the past, what one has suffered or endured, what one has been through over the "harsh winter" and ask yourself what you truly need to survive and be happy. This may not be a "what you want situation", but rather a "what will sustain you" one.

So if you are interested in any spell work, healing work, or manifestation work this month try to consider the best way to work with the moon's power, what it can assist you most with and aim your goals for a spell, or manifestation, or healing that is within those parameters. 

Full moon work this month will take place on the wee hours of the 15th between 3am and 5am. 

Full moon work is 50.00 per request and you can find the drop down menu titled "Energy Work Sessions and Casting" here: http://www.azzrian.com/Services_and_Fees.html please select "Full Moon Casting" 

Or try doing a little moon manifestation of your own! 

May the light of the full moon empower you! 

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