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Monday, January 13, 2014

Energy Work Versus Spell Casting

Energy Work Versus Spell Casting

A recent conversation with a friend / client of mine brought me to a realization. 
There may be some confusion between energy work and spell casting.
Now the confusion was not necessarily about the difference between the two types of service but rather what type of personal involvement the client should have while the services are being performed for them.
This friend has a pretty solid understanding of spiritual matters so if this person could be confused then clearly many others could be as well. 
So due to this I am writing a post to clear up any confusion and help educate others, since I myself was educated in the course of this conversation with how I could be more clear for my clients. 

So energy work is something that is done to clear a person of blocked energy, clear the path for positive and productive energy flow, to heal, help, or even maintain positive energy, health, and well being. We know that spell work is to bring about a desired result, be that in one’s career path, love, friends, family, etc and so on. Those are the shortened versions of each type of service. Granted I could go into much greater detail but for the purpose and point of this article I kept it short because we go into this article with the assumption you already know what each service is, but need to know what your involvement will be in the process.

With casting - because we are asking the universe to assist us on a matter and that is no small ordeal, we must put far more of ourselves into it. That means you, as a client, will have to do work. For some the “work” involved is more than others, depending on what it is you are having casting done for. Some clients may only be required to burn a candle, while others may have to do multiple projects, from journaling and logging, or an action of some kind, halting communication, increasing communication, a different type of communication, creating vision boards, meditation, and so on. While with energy work the same is also true but generally not as much will be asked of you as it will be for casting. 

I found that I had used a term with my friend / client that I probably should not have used. That term was “passive” I told this person that the work involved with energy work was more passive than that with casting. That is not really the truth or at least not the best way to say it. Passive is what one perceives it to be. Both energy work and casting require SOMETHING from you as the client, something of your own energy to manifest the change you desire. Now as a whole, in my experience I have found that with energy work the projects or involvement of the client seems less difficult because nine times out of ten only one project, or reflection, or duty needs to take place before we can move onto the next level of the work we need to do whereas with casting, we have this ongoing always changing evolution in which new projects or new “rules” get applied sometimes daily depending on the direction things are headed. When we involve the universe we have to roll with the flow and be more adaptable. When we are working on energy it is far more direct and the only person who can really get in the way of progress is the client themselves. Not to fault the client, I mean working on self is no easy task and I commend anyone who is trying to better themselves! Fact is if more people worked on their own energy fewer people would have to resort to casting! Neither is a bad thing but energy work is much more direct and to the point and “easier” in the sense that there are not as many projects but there will be one or two along the way. Energy work  is more “passive” in the sense that I do 90% of the work for you but that 10% you will have to do is going to be far more difficult or time consuming. Then again difficult or time consuming is subject to perception as well. 

Now we unlock yet another confusing area. When communicating with my friend / client I said, (this is directly from my email to this person) 

“Plus with energy work we won't know until we have started the process WHAT needs to be done because we are uncovering the energy blocks as we go along whereas with spell casting we know our INTENT before we begin and we already have generally done readings on the energy thus know what type of participation is needed before going in. 
Thank you! I will be sure to make a post on this and be sure to explain each time I take on a new client.”

Okay so here I am writing this post and already realizing what I said to this client is also sort of confusing. Yes what I said it is true at it’s core, but as we look deeper even with casting, even with knowing our Intent going in, even with having knowledge before hand we do not control the universe nor do we control the reactions that can open up once the casting is set into motion! Even with casting we are evolving, having to (as I stated above) be more flexible! Just like energy work as we uncover the blockages we can find a new project or new way of looking at things will help not only clear the current energy but keep it open and free from future blockages. 

So what IS the end result? The end result is that both casting and energy work can be quite involved both for me and for the client. Both have equal potential for the necessity to be adaptable, to change, to have to put in your own time, energy, an effort to the cause and outcome. Regardless of wether we are doing energy work to directly assist you in being a stronger, healthier, better person, or if we are asking the universe to come to our aid in a situation currently in our lives, we must be willing and open to taking heed to the projects, the tests, the requirements, the lessons, and the procedure of both. 

I will no longer say that one or the other is more “passive” or involves less commitment or time of the client because in reality it is not for me to say what that means to any person other than myself. 

A big thank you to my friend / client for bringing this to my awareness, we are never too old or too experienced to learn something new. 

Much love, 

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