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Sunday, November 24, 2013

2014 Forecast Readings Now Available

I am now taking requests for 2014 Forecast Readings.
A Forecast Reading is a reading that gives an overall view of the year ahead.

Your reading will contain a synopsis of each month in the year 2014.
By "synopsis", I mean anywhere from one to five paragraphs, depending on information received from my guides.

This reading will give you a heads up on your over all energy, energy around you that you may want to be aware of. Red flags in regards to how you will function at work, with family, and business.
Also this reading will highly positive times for change, to take action, when to back away from certain activities, and more!

Those who have got forecast readings from me in the past have reported to the accuracy of them.
This is not the type of reading where you can ask specific questions, such as where I see a particular relationship heading, however there may very well be some timelines pinpointed regarding personal relationships.

A Forecast Reading is to be used as a tool to make the best decisions for your energy in the year ahead, and to avoid pitfalls that may be lurking.

If you have any questions about this type of reading feel free to email me at azzrian@cox.net

If you would like to order your reading right now please send payment of 200.00 to azzrian@cox.net via PayPal. PayPal does accept credit card payments and you do not have to have an account to use it.

Important Note on Forecast Readings:

Forecast Readings are done in order payment is received. Once I receive your payment I will let you know where you are at on the list and an approximate time that you can expect your reading to be delivered. I get a lot of requests for the Forecast Reading due to the accuracy and popularity of them so please be patient. I work fast and do as many as I can per day but I try not to do more than 3 per day as they take an excessive amount of energy and I only do these readings when my focus is clear. If I try to rush them they will not be as detailed or accurate.

I look forward to doing your 2014 Forecast Reading,