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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beautiful Feedback - Thank you Nancy!

A client of mine offered some feedback regarding my services and I just wanted to share this with you. This is truly a client who worked with me every step of the way. Her input, her focus on her own situation, and her dedication to her own path is what really made things work so wonderfully. 
I want to give her back as much credit as she has given to me! 

Here is her feedback:

From: Nancy
Azz has helped me with four castings. The first was a work related issue during the fall of 2010. That issue required a 7 night casting. It was completely successful (despite major issues) and it was fully resolved within 3 days post casting.  The remaining three castings were all relationship related and done between 2010 and 2013. (One has just been completed so we will await results). The other two were successful. The intention was met in both of them. Thinking back, what I requested did happen in one of them as I had stated. I probably should have thought about a different outcome as I got what I asked for, then didn't want it that way (ha ha). Bottom line, Azzrian gets results! I believe she is so successful because of several reasons: First of all, she knows all the intricate details of casting (how to utilize the lunar cycle, what to ask for, what not to ask for, how to word things appropriately, now not to cloud the intention with too many requests.) Secondly, she has a keen psychic insight to read people. She won't even do a casting or recommend it unless she firmly believes in the cause. In fact, she doesn't even bring up casting, you have to bring it up to her and then she will only do it in certain situations she feels it will work well for.  Thirdly, when you hire her do to a casting, you know it is actually being done (not like other casters I have heard of who just take your money and go to bed.)  Azz stays up late every night of a casting, night after night until it is completely done. She contacts you throughout the casting to give and receive updates.  She is a true professional! I highly recommend her.