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Friday, December 13, 2013

Mirroring Energy

A client just asked me a good question so I though I would post my reply to her right here on my blog to share with others who also may want to know. This breaks it down in a simplified manner but it is a good place to start in order to begin to understand what mirroring energy is. 

Mirroring energy is a psychic flow of energy between two people. 
It is common in soul mates or any two people who are very connected. 
Non soul mate husbands and wives or long term couples can often develop this ability over time.
It is common also for mother's to feel it with their children.
Mirroring occurs in many states from a waking state, to dream state, or out of body state. 
Mirroring can be positive or negative depending on the type of energy being reflected to or from the individuals.
Mirroring energy happens when one of the two people feel something very strongly and deflect that energy onto the other person.
The second person then receives that energy and absorbs it and then reacts to it - positive or negative and then bounces it - or reflects it back to the sender. 
What ends up happening often times is this energy then ping pongs back and forth from one to the other person. 
This can cause happy feelings or bad feelings depending on the original energy sent and the interpretation of each person as the energy goes back and forth.
As you can imagine - this means that each time an energy goes one way then the other and an interpretation is made on the energy mixed feelings can occur, and confusion can also set in. 
This is when things can go wrong, or become negative.
Or when the interpretation is positive then positive energy is reflected back and forth. 
This creates more positive vibes between the two people.
Sometimes the feelings and thoughts are not intended to be negative but feel that way.
For example - a mother sensing and feeling her child's safety is in danger. 
That is obviously a negative energy coming from her child to her! 
Her interpretation is that something is wrong! 
It is a correct interpretation! 
Another example:
Lets say a guy is having doubts about his feelings for a woman, but these doubts are only doubts NOT decisions and NOT conclusions, just a person wondering, thinking, considering. That is fair right? We all have the free right to think about our feelings and we should! 
But the other person feels something negative of that due to their over reaction or interpretation. 
Out of fear that second person bounces or reflects back a negative feeling, energy, or vibe to the first and this is when chaos can occur.
This is all about manifestation and keeping our own energy light, to ourselves, and not making assumptions, or jumping to conclusions.
We all do this both in the negative and positive in day to day life but not on as deep of a level.
With psychic soul connected mirroring it becomes amplified and intense.

For the record there are other ways that psychics and spiritual healers can use mirroring but this is again just a basic outline to help further your own understanding. 


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