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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ambulance Chasing Psychic Experts

Sometimes, a client will contact me and ask me if I see anything for them. More often than not I know exactly what has occurred. The situation is this: The client is working with more than one advisor, which is fine, as long as it has not become an addictive problem, and they are not becoming utterly confused about who to listen to. We have to remember that many psychic experts are not just psychic, but also giving life coaching advice, and other emotional assistance. This is why in other articles I have firmly suggested having no more than two, or at most three advisors. Regardless, sometimes a client will tell me that another advisor has emailed them, out of the blue, suggesting that they have news for them, and that they have seen things for them. So they are now contacting me to see if I am getting messages for them too. It is as if the client wants me to validate what the other expert is seeing or saying to them. Or the client wants me to validate that it is possible the other expert is really getting messages at all. This is your own intuition telling you beware!

Now I am not saying this is impossible, or that it never happens. There are times I will wake up in the middle of the night with a vision for a client. What is important though is that you know a few things. First of all - it is impossible, for any advisor who is actively working with many clients, sometimes hundreds, to simply stay tuned into your specific energy at all times. That would take far too much energy from that advisor, to remain “tapped into” your energy all of the time along with all their other clients as well.

Secondly you have to ask yourself “How has this advisor approached me?” Did they offer this information for you free of charge? Or did they suggest you need a reading? You see if I get a message for a client that is so important that it wakes me up out of a dead sleep, or is lingering on my energy for a day or more, without me even trying to focus on that person’s energy, AND if this message is important enough for me to reach out to the client myself, then it is important enough to just give the client that information free of charge and if the client still wants a deeper focus, and more info, then and only then would a reading come into play.

Yes I do this for my living, it is my calling, it is my gift as much as a pro athlete makes money from their gift, or a brain surgeon does theirs, or an artist. I do deserve to be paid for the time, the energy, emotional, mental, and even physical drain that doing psychic works causes me, BUT again, if I am reaching out to you because I felt so compelled by my visions to do so, then I am not going to expect you to pay me for that information. Okay now if you want to ask questions on other things by all means that would be a different story, and I would expect you to pay for that. However, I would still give you the information that was so important, so pressing, that I reach out to you myself, to you, for free.

As a client, you need to be careful not to take the bait of some otherwise unscrupulous experts who may indeed plant a seed to get you to pay for a service you otherwise didn’t think you needed. Life is meant to be lived, sometimes we are not meant to know every single little minute detail of what is to come. Sometimes the lesson we are meant to learn or the gift we are going to bestowed is meant to be a mystery! If you are otherwise happy, living your life, and see no reason to reach out to an expert yourself, yet an expert reaches out to you, then you should really question the motives of that expert. Now keep in mind, sometimes yes a message is SO loud, SO strong, and clear that an expert feels they MUST let their client know. But again, when that happens, the expert should also feel compelled to just give you that information, not give you a one liner then hope you will pay them for the rest! That is just human kindness, and also in my opinion the duty and responsibility of a psychic! I mean what kind of expert would withhold life changing or altering information when they contacted the client themselves?

This leads me to discuss trust between client and expert. You really need to work with only one or two experts so that you can develop a real bond with them. So that you know you can trust them. So that you know how they work. I do have at any given time between 1 to 3 clients, never more than that, that I work with on a monthly basis. These are clients going through some hard times, or who are even really making great strides in their life path and need on going guidance! These clients pay me a one time fee and get unlimited readings for an entire month. These are the only clients I allow myself to stay “tapped into” 24/7. If you know your advisor, and trust him or her, then there is no reason you should need to ask another expert you have worked with for validation of what this expert is seeing. If you feel you need to ask for validation then the real problem is your other advisor has not built up trust or a bond with you. This is a sure sign you probably should either not be working with them, or that you have too many advisors and don’t know who to listen to.

So the point is, just be careful when approached by an advisor who says they have messages for you. I would do a little investigating and ask them how they received these messages. I won’t claim to be the expert on telling other advisors how to conduct their personal business practices. If they actually set aside a few times a week to zone in and focus on each client they have and they are legitimately getting real messages for their clients, then so be it. To me however I rarely reach out to a client personally unless I am sending out a newsletter, or offering a discount, but that is usually something I send to everyone on my mailing list, and only to those who signed up for that list. I am not saying it is impossible for an advisor to get a message for a specific client, but more importantly you should be told how they got this message.

You see, to me, I feel it is an invasion of privacy to set aside a time to zone in on a clients’ energy without their consent. To me, that is snooping. I would not want someone doing that to me, and I do not do it to others. However if you have an agreement with your expert that they can do this, and that you want them to do this, then that is a different story. But keep in mind, it takes a great deal of energy and time for an expert to tap into any energy and doing this many times a day would leave an expert pretty taxed. Yes we do have meditations and exercises that we do as experts to release energy, to ground our own energy, etc, but as a rule, if you have an expert that is seeming to only be trying to generate themselves more income by suggesting they are getting messages for you then saying you need a reading, or even alluding to that idea then you should be careful.

Especially stay away from experts who use fear tactics to get you to have more readings,.
Be wary of those who use “I have some amazing news for you” to get you to have more readings.
Just come out and ask them “what is this great news?” or “what is this terrible event you are seeing?”
If they refuse to answer and say “Oh well you need a reading for that.” then obviously they are just trying to generate some income off your vulnerability!

Let me give you an example of how this scenario should go under reasonable circumstances:

Expert via email to Client:
Dear Client, I am getting some very important messages for you today. I have been getting these messages and I won’t feel right if I do not tell you about them. I am seeing (insert situation here) happening in the coming (insert timeline here) and I feel that you may want to handle it in this way (insert advice here). I just wanted to let you know so you would be aware and prepared for the situation to come as I did not want you to feel sidewinded by it.
Advisor Name.

You see this email gives you the message they got, and gives advice on how to deal with the situation! To me this is fair. As long as the expert tells you those two main things, which are A) what they see and B) how to handle things, then they have done their duty.

As a client you should not really expect more than that. Even if you want to know more, get deeper intel on the situation you have to respect that the expert did not intentionally do a deep focus on you, and probably does not have more information than they have given you. You can’t expect them to then go into focusing on this situation, and every minute aspect of it let alone answer three questions on three other topics totally unrelated, for free.

Just be happy that the expert reached out to you and offered what they saw in their vision to you for free, along with the advice on how to handle the situation.

This scenario is how it should work.

Now if your email looks more like this:

Expert via email to Client:
Dear Client, I am getting some very distressing / exciting messages for you! Please contact me so we can discuss the messages I am receiving!
Advisor Name

This second example is baiting! Especially if you do email the expert back and they say “we can do a reading” or “lets take a look, meet me in a live chat” or “would you like me to do an email reading for you?” anything like this is a warning sign this expert is simply out to generate income.

There are far more honest advisors out there than unscrupulous ones, just as in any business there will be bad apples spoiling the bunch. Even your friendly local plumber can be a shyster bulking up your bill with materials they never used, in any profession you will have the great ones, and the bad ones.

Remember friends, just because a person is psychic does not mean they are ethical!


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