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Monday, June 25, 2012

To Stay or to Go? The What If’s

So my family began to watch the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” from beginning to end as we never really got into it back when it first started airing. After seeing a few re-runs we decided we loved it and began to watch from the beginning. The main character, although they all seem to share the spotlight, but the character the show is mostly about is what brought me to write this article. His name is Ted. Ted is a true romantic by all means of the word. Every relationship he gets involved in is with “THE ONE” or at least he believes she could be “the one” and treats the relationship as such from the get go. Yes, he sounds too good to be true lol but that is not the point. Ted, feels that you never know who “the one” is going to be, and that even if she is not “the one” through meeting her he may meet the real person who is to be “the one”. 
Often times the story line of the show leads us to understand how the butterfly effect is always in play. If one thing had not happened, it would not bring us to our eventual outcome that is the destiny. I have written on this very topic many times in many ways via many articles. But still, this is not the point I am wanting to make. 
The point I am wanting to make with this article is how do we know when to follow a path or end it? How do we know when we are supposed to keep trying with someone or let it go? A lot of my readings are on this very topic! Many people ask me “Should I avoid him or is he part of my path? Is he worth my time?” This is not exclusive to women asking either. Plenty of men ask the same questions about us ladies! 
So should you keep moving forward even if you feel red flags about someone? Should you throw in the towel early on and save yourself time, energy, effort, and maybe even a broken heart? 
The question then becomes what if you miss something you were supposed to learn because you left too soon? What if you were supposed to meet someone through the time knowing them? What if .... 
Now I by no means ever want anyone to stay in a relationship or continue dating someone who is rude, abusive, or has serious issues of their own. There is no point in that! Sometimes however it is possible that giving up too soon could mean missing a step with someone else. However my true belief is that if you are “destined” to meet someone you will, eventually, regardless of how many steps it takes to get to them! When one window closes, another one opens up, and vice versa. Nothing is set in stone, and relationships can come and go but if by ending something too soon we “miss out” on something that something will come to you another way in its own due time. It may make it take longer to get there but in that time also you will learn more lessons from others, in other situations, which can only add to the benefit of meeting “the one” later in life rather than earlier. So really you can’t go wrong. 
Granted you may be able to side step some tough lessons with others along the way if you duck out sooner, rather than later. Perhaps save yourself a few broken hearts, or frustrations even but then what have you truly gained? What has side stepping anything really ever got someone? I find that taking the hard road is more often beneficial in the long run rather than the easy path as we learn so much more in the collective and the more we learn in our lives the more we are ready for the right person when they come along! Again, I want to state firmly that there are situations you must get the heck out of as soon as possible in order for self perseverance so use of good old fashioned common sense is in order. 
Of course contacting your friendly empath can help but please be open to hearing the hard messages as sometimes you won’t get the answer you hope for. At times when I read the energy of people I clearly see the relationship won’t end in a way that the client hopes to hear. That it is not going to be the happily ever after they desire or that the other person is going to cling when really the client hopes they will let go. Either way there are positives to the eventual outcome that I can see and relate to the client, yet usually, almost always, the client wants to only know about the right now or the very soon to come. That is fine because that is what is happening and what we should most focus on as we live in the now, however heeding the long term benefits sure does not hurt. You may even ask your empath what, if any, the long term benefits are! While they may not be able to give you exact details they should be able to tell you if there is any sort of spiritual reason why this person came into your life at this time. Remember almost everyone who plays more than a slight role in your life IS in-fact SOME kind of soul mate on SOME level if even on a small level! Everyone we encounter, more than just on a one time passing, has some play in our eventual life path outcome! We are all soul brothers and sisters in this world together. So even when you feel you are “wasting” time in a situation, a relationship, on whatever path you are on be that a work path, a love path, etc there is a reason for it! 
Something to consider is when getting your next relationship reading, along with all of your questions you ask your empath, psychic, spiritual guide, etc, add in one more question:
If he/she is not “the one” does he/she play any role, directly or subtly on meeting “the one”?
I promise you that more often than not the answer is going to be yes. There is a prediction for you! 



  1. I've really enjoyed reading this piece. It makes perfect sense and I realize what I need to do but it's bloody difficult!! It's a question I assume most people would like to know us who they currently are with

  2. Hi Lou Lou,
    I am glad the article shed some perspective. Its not easy I know. Sorry to hear you are in this boat right now. Just remember not to sink with the boat! :)


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