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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Romantic's Perspective

Hello Friends! 
Today I want to highlight a lovely lady I have come to know well. 
Poetess, Jaquee Thomas, Writer and Romantic, may just be one of the worlds few remaining true romantics! 

I know many of us through our years have dabbled in writing poetry, only to push it aside, perhaps ashamed of being so open, perhaps afraid of how we may be perceived.  You will discover through reading Jacquee’s book, she too struggled with such feelings. 

Perhaps you may wonder, what does it do for me to read someone else’s poetry? How can I relate? Trust me when I tell you that Jacquee’s words reach into one’s soul, sometimes quite deeply and usually quite unexpectedly! Jacquee’s imagery is vivid, sometimes alarming, always touching. 

I have found through discussion with others I have shared some of her writings with that the meanings transcend a collective translation, that the meaning to one may not be the same meaning to another, yet everyone whom I have shared Jacquee’s writings with agree on one thing... her words make us all feel something deeply. 
Now I do not often highlight someone’s work on my blog. I have a select few “affiliates” so when I do highlight someone here on my blog I do so with all good intentions that I feel they offer something my readers can relate to and that can even help my readers in some way. 
Most of you who have worked with me or are a client of mine know I am an advocate of journaling, blogging, getting your heart out on paper. There is something about the process of putting pen or pencil to paper, getting away from the technology that we have become spoiled by and accustomed to. There is something ritualistic and pure about jotting down notes, writing essays, poems, from the heart. Jacquee’s book flows so naturally and so unpretentiously that while reading it I felt she has done exactly what I ask of my friends and clients to do! 

I have a few favorite writings from Jaquee’s book but today I have selected one entry that I wish to share with you all: 
Soul Mates
We have met before and we meet in dreams.
We’ve called to each other before we met
In this life.
Whatever happened before
Is now haunting us
So we continue to meet in dreams
And keep our distance in this reality. 
We can’t help but toy with our already tortured souls.
To remain
In eternal dissatisfaction
For even meeting in dreams
Isn’t enough.
Authoress Jacquee Thomas 
from Growing Up
To learn more about Poetess Jacquee Thomas visit the links below and please “like” her on Facebook! 

Note: As some of you may know I have a special page up for my daughter, Emma, who will be having spinal surgery on September 30th. 
I have added a special incentive with a 10.00 donation which enters you in a drawing for one of Jacquee’s SIGNED books! One entry per 10.00 donation, so yes, you can enter more than once! However, if you are dying to have one of Jacquee’s book (and I sure would be) then use the other links above to purchase a copy now, otherwise use the link below to enter the drawing! Only one signed copy available! 


Basic Tarot Card Meanings - The Sixes

The Sixes restore balance and harmony after the upset of the fives. 
While you may not have even seen the basic needs at the time the sixes make you aware of how easy of a fix is before you! 
Sometimes it was right in front of your face all along but you were too blindsided by the pervious havoc to take notice.
The sixes are about unity and recognition of a solution! 
To me the sixes are a reminder that everything truly does happen for a reason! 
The sixes in tarot make you very aware that sometimes the crud we must go through has its meanings in our lives and perhaps with out the fives the sixes would not be as sweet! 
While there is still work to do ahead of you the sixes in tarot show give us awareness and clarity and respect for the stability we need in our lives! 
Often times when the six comes up in your tarot spread there is this light bulb moment where the sky opens up! You can now see your pot of gold but be aware you still need to walk down the path to get to it! 

 Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter