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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Basic Tarot Card Meanings - The Fives

Since tarot is to show us our path we do have time to make changes that could effect a more positive outcome but we must pay heed to what is causing our once stable structure to fall! 
Fives not only represent loss but also fears and it is fear itself that can cause us the most damage! Because the fives also represent strength it is time to use our inner strength, our will power, to make right any wrongs so that we can keep our structure stable! 
Through facing our fears, our problems, and the issue at hand we can overcome the fives threat to tear down what we have worked so hard for! This may be literal or figurative but taking a good hard, honest look at yourself, your position in a matter, things you have said, or not said, actions taken or lack of action, can show you the path toward reenforcing your strong foundation and stabilizing your structure be that a matter of the heart, a business, friendship, finances, etc. 
Remember that the fives are not here to befriend you, they do in fact present a very difficult challenge and so overcoming the hurdle won’t be easy! Its possible you may have some battle scars when all is said and done but humility is sometimes a necessary ingredient for our personal growth, and will only make us stronger.

Five of Cups by Azurylipfe


Katalin of HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot is Interviewed by Judika Illes

Katalin is one of my few featured Affiliates here on my blog. 
Recently she was interviewed by Judika Illes about her Hawaiian Tarot deck! 
Below is a sound bite of this interview.
Please check this  LINK for the full interview! 

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Q: Katalin, can you tell us a little about yourself, 
about the journey that brought you from Hungary to Hawaii?
A: I was born and raised in Hungary, near Lake Balaton, which always reminded me of Hawaii since the age of 4, which is very odd since I could not have been there yet. Not in this life that is. As I would sit by the lake side, watching the sunsets, I had always thought of the other side of this planet, where the sun is rising at that very same moment. Even at such a young age, I explained this to my parents and that one day, I would be living in Hawai’i. I became a self taught artist, drawing and painting before I learned the alphabet. Shape and colour seemed to be more important than words to me at that time. Words, I would use later in stories and poems. As my interest in art continued alongside of my infatuation with Hawai’i, the two melded together and only furthered my desire to live there. After some time traveling and living in various places, the journey finally deposited me where I longed to be. It took a long time to prove I was right at such a young age but here such beauty with colour and shape in nature and elements is a living palate to take inspiration from. I am home now.

Q: What inspired you to create HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot?
A: My inspiration was brother "IZ" Israel Kamakawivo'ole, considered by many globally to be one of the top Hawaiian musicians, especially singers, in history. 
I had a dream in which I saw him sitting on the beach. He looked at me but said nothing while his eyes told all I needed to know. I was living in Hawai’i when he passed and I remember feeling great sorrow at the loss of such a wonderful musician and person. His songs still give me 'chicken skin' (goosebumps) and I feel the great love he held in his heart for the Hawaiian land and it's people. This compassion pushed me to try to ingrain this love he projected through my art upon a medium that would connect people and assist them with guidance in their lives. Reproducing the age old divination tool, the tarot, with motifs and inspiration from Hawai’i seemed more than appropriate since I myself have been favored by directional support through readings. It is also a comfortable match since early in the kingdoms unified history, the royal line of Kamehameha was itself enamored with European culture so this seems to be my natural response in return. 

Q: Is there something in particular that you would like people to know 
about your beautiful cards?
A: I am just an artist who follows her inspirations and visions so I have no focused sales point to highlight. I created each card with an unfiltered compassion and desire in my heart from the love for Hawai'i that continues to wander through my spirit each day. It has been and is a grand and beautiful feeling when an artist is able to share their creations with others all over the world. Even more so for me when, as I suspect in some cases, it has been of value outside of an object of art and really provides assistance for people.

Katalin of HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot