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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If You Feel You Can't

If you ever feel that your goals are impossible - remember Aaron! 


An Inspirational True Story a Friend on Facebook Shared With Me!

Thanks to AndrĂ©s for sharing this lovely true story of inspiration! 

George Danzig was a senior at Stanford University during the depression. All the seniors knew they’d be joining unemployment lines when the class graduated. There was a slim chance that the top person in the class might get a teaching job. George was not at the head of his class, but he hoped that if he achieved a perfect score on the final exam, he might be given a job.

He studied so hard for the exam that he arrived late to class. When he got there, he just picked up his exam booklet and slunk to his desk. He saw that besides the eight problems on his test paper, there were two more written on the board. He diligently worked the eight problems on the test paper, then started on the two on the board. But try as he might, he couldn’t solve either of them. He was devastated. Put of the ten problems, he knew he had missed two for sure. But just as he was about to hand in the paper, he took a chance and asked the professor if he could have more time to work on the two he had missed. He was surprised when his professor agreed to give him two more days.

Danzig rushed home and plugged into those equations with vengeance. After hour and hours he could find the solution for only one of them. Out of time to solve the other problem, he turned in the test. He was certain he had lost all chance for a job. It was the darkest moment of his life.

Early the next morning, Danzig was jolted awake by a pounding on his door. He opened it to find his mathematics professor, very excited. “George! George!” he kept shouting, “you’ve made mathematics history!”
He didn’t know what his professor was talking about, so the professor explained. Before the exam, he had lectured the class on the need to keep trying in spite of setback and failure. “don’t be discouraged,” he had counseled the students. “remember, there are classic problems that no one can solve. Even Einstein was unable to unlock their secrets.”

Those were the two problems he wrote on the black board. Since George had come to class late and missed those opening marks, he didn’t know the problems on the board were up there as illustrations. He had no idea they were considered impossible to solve. He thought they were part of his exam and was determined to work them. Amazingly, he had solved one!

He did the impossible

Danzig's work was published in the International Journal for higher Mathematics, and he got a job as an assistant professor at the Stanford during the height of the depression.

What are the chances that George Danzig would have tried hard to solve the two problems on the board if he had heard that they were impossible to solve? No doubt, he would have been like every other student in the classroom who simply took the exam and turned it in. he might have felt encouraged by what they represented: that even the greatest mathematical minds had not been able to solve every problem. Only because he didn’t know they were impossible did he even attempt them. That’s exactly why so many people resist a challenge. We give up because we’re either told its impossible or we come to believe it’s impossible all on our own.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Got Soul?

Life is but to tread upon our souls in order for us to gain enlightenment.
The shoe does not ask why you walk upon it.
The foot does not question why it must hold our weight.
We depend greatly on the “sole” in order to fulfill our soul and it’s destiny.
Deep Thoughts - By Azzrian lol


Monday, May 9, 2011

In Gratitude

To my surprise and delight, today I was given my first blog award. I have been working hard on this site, as perhaps only another blogger knows. The award was given to me by Psychic Quietsound, whose blog I recently discovered and have been enjoying.

Now there are a couple of rules to receiving The Versatile Blogger Award. First, you have to thank the person who gave it you by linking back to their post. Second, you have to tell seven things about yourself. Third, you have to award 15 recently discovered new blogs.

Here are seven things about me:

1. I have a tattoo of a dandelion on my ankle with the roots going down onto my foot. The roots ground me and the dandelion symbolizes being a survivor. 

2. I love Bath and Body Works and spend way too much money I should't there! 

3. I have three dogs and four cats, I try to "save" feral cats and adopt pound puppies but am at my limit now yet I still am active in spaying and neutering awareness and feed and love every animal I can! 

4. I am an avid tree-hugger and I do talk to plants of all kinds on a regular basis. 

5. I have two AMAZING kids both who are about to graduate high-school! 

6. My husband and I both work from home and try not to drive each other crazy.

7. I was born with my spiritual gifts and mentored by my great-great grandmother.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sun-Sign Generalities That Are Generally True: Water Signs

This is a continuation of a previously posted article where I am outlining character traits of sun signs based on their element. While every one is an individual and no two signs are just alike there are some resounding traits that are common. This article examines these traits. The water signs are:
Water signs are ruled by their emotions and deep sensitivities. While not all three signs react the exact same way to deep emotion they all feel on a level much deeper than the rest of us at times. Cancer struggles with jealousies and being clingy, while Scorpio reacts more outwardly with their jealousy and can become angered, and Pisces is more of an escapist internalizing their emotions and going off on their own. Regardless of the differences in how they process their emotions they all have a deeply connected core root to their emotions and a need for self examination as well. 
All three water signs are known to be very emotional and are more likely than other signs to develop toward obsessive behaviors  be that outwardly toward others or internally going into a hermit mode. 
Another similarity of the water signs is their passion and sensitivity toward others! Pisces is very sensitive and emotionally all about what their loved one likes and desires, while Cancer is imaginative and creative in the bedroom and very in tune with their partners needs, Scorpio is another sign that is great in the bedroom but they tend to go more toward steamy passion than TLC. Its not just in the bedroom though that the water signs passion comes into light! Pisces can show great compassion for others through charity work and humanitarian ventures, Scorpio attacks the things they have a passion for by being bold and forceful and getting the job done and are determined to make their mark on the world we live in, and Cancer tend to go more toward political concerns and equality for all! 
Scorpio, like water can be smooth and placid but if the balance of their energy is upset you will want to brace for the tidal wave to come! 
Pisces are more adapt to the calmer waters wanting to avoid conflict but they too can unleash a typhoon if their need for inner retreat is not respected! Cancer is more moody like a thunderstorm if upset, brooding with a dark cloud over head that will shift the moods of those around them! 

Water signs prefer to have meaningful relationships in their lives and do not collect random friends by habit. They are structured individuals who always check the subtle nuances and while they do not like to over analyze things they will do a quick check on intellectual and logical situations but more often than not they always go with their “gut” feeling on things when making decisions. The are known as the “feelers” of the Zodiac and have a keen intuition and that “just know” ability! They are often involved in spiritual pursuits! 
Water signs also adore beauty and love to have nice surroundings! They tend to be interested in arts, literature, and music. They tend to keep their homes in wonderful condition both inside and out but focus a lot on decor and are willing to spare their money for the “finer” things. 


On Being A Mother

Perhaps you have one child or many. Perhaps you have never given birth but made your home open to children in need, adopted, or are a step parent. Perhaps your child is the neighbor kid who needs a good meal or a new pair of shoes. Perhaps your a mother to a stray animal or a neglected pet. Your method of mothering may be for an adult who has had a hard life and a poor upbringing. Maybe you are a big sister or a foster parent. Whatever your course of “mothering” be proud and take this time to give yourself acknowledgment for the mothering you do! 
Being a mother is not just giving birth, it is nurturing, loving, and listening! 
This is for all the mothers out there who give of themselves today and every day that they can for those who simply need someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on and a source of support and kindness! 
Do something kind for yourself on this day, a long bubble bath, some fresh flowers, read a book in your favorite spot, whatever you feel gives you that little lift you deserve because you do deserve it! 
With Love, 


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sun-Sign Generalities That Are Generally True: Fire Signs

To continue on the original article here: Sun-Sign Generalities That Are Generally True: Air Signs which everyone should read for the introduction to this series of articles...we now discuss the Fire Signs which are: 

Passionate, Exciting, always ready to do something fun and take a bite out of life is your basic fire sign! Easy going energy that is vibrant and illuminating with that “light up the room” personality and smile! Usually good looking individuals who take good care of themselves physically and who like to dress to impress the Fire sign can make you feel warm all over with their exuberant warmth but they also like to be in the lime light and do not like competition for attention with their friends or love mates! 
A Fire Sign individual can have these great ideas come to their minds suddenly and they want to express them and discuss them and they want you to be as interested in these ideas as they are! They go on their whims and instincts and do not always have the best plans for action for their ideas but their charm can usually get them out of hot water in a heart beat if their plans seem to be about to fall through. 
Your typical Fire Sign will usually go with whatever sounds the best at the time, which means making plans with them or setting a schedule with them can be difficult! If something better comes along on a moment’s notice they are very likely to change the course before you even have time to blink an eye so you must be flexible and understand you will not always be able to be their center of their focus! If you are not keeping up with them and even sparking their enthusiasm now  and then they may leave you in the dust! 
Fire Signs generally are loyal and loving people who can be quite easily hurt by those they care about which is for a lot of us difficult to imagine since they can be so aloof and seemingly detached from how they can make us feel! Be careful not to break the Fire Sign’s heart as they can be relentless and unforgiving! 
Fire Signs can provide an exciting life to those who desire such and while they do like to be on the go quite often do appreciate a beautiful home and look at it as their retreat, their castle, their kingdom. They will spend time fixing things up, taking care of the lawn, decorating and making sure that their surroundings are comfortable and beautiful for themselves and the one they love. They are great entertainers and enjoy making sure everyone is comfortable in their company. 
Fire Sign people are wonderful when they feel they are being watched and adored and will give back as much as they get from their friends and loved ones so as long as they get what they need from you then you are sure to get what you need from them.

Photo By: Rossi - thank you! 


Monday, May 2, 2011

Sun-Sign Generalities That Are Generally True: Air Signs

So I do not really care for generalizing things and every person is an individual. Even people born on the exact same day can have differences in their character and personality due to time and place of birth. Lets also not forget that the culture in which we live, how we are raised, educated, our DNA and many other elements also play a part into who we become. 

However there are some very common similarities when it comes to sun-signs and the element under which we are born.
This series will look at the four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire signs, and their general character traits that more often than not ring true.
Lets start with the Air Signs: 
Air signs are quick thinkers with a keen intellect. They are great communicators and generally have a witty sense of humor. They strive for independence in their work life and do not always do well with authority. Air signs are creative and lofty - always with a new way of looking at something, a new idea or a fresh perspective. They tend to be aloof however and even come off as cold in romance at times. Air signs do usually love to spend money and will do so to impress others or gain attention. Generally social creatures air sings usually draw people toward them without even trying and have a large network of friends. Air signs want to be the best at whatever it is they do although they can change their minds on a whim about what it is they are working toward. They need a lot of challenge, they need to be mentally entertained in their career path and they need to feel as if they have a chance for something “better” or “bigger” up ahead! 

They have a hard time being in just the “now” and are always looking for something more be that in romance or work life. 

Generally speaking of course air signs have a love, no not just a love, but a need for freedom. They cannot be tied to conventional lifestyles any more than they will be tied to conventional thinking! They are on the edge people who come up with great plans, great ideas and even great schemes and can be powerhouses in business but due to their other general personality trait of lacking follow through or becoming bored easily they do not always meet their goals! Yes air signs do become bored easily especially if what they are involved in no longer presents a challenge! 

Air signs need a fast paced life and are not known for being patient people. They think outside of the box and can be quarrelsome at times although generally very optimistic - half glass full type of people, however if they feel caged can become very despondent and depressed. Usually amazing lovers, passionate and giving in bed, although not so much in daily things. Now don’t get me wrong, Libra has a great sense of justice and balance, Aquarius are disciplined and responsible and Gemini would help you bury a body and do anything for a true friend! Everyone IS in fact very different but if you have just met an air sign these are the traits you will most likely notice first and from there you can dig a little deeper before you decide if they are going to be a benefit or detriment to your life.