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Friday, April 29, 2011

Opening Your Third Eye

In order to open your third eye you must first strive to achieve balance in your entire chakra system. Meditation can help with this, but before we get into how to open the third eye it is vital you understand that your abilities may not be what you hope, expect or anticipate! 

Sometimes the third eye will open on its own spontaneously or due to an accident or head trauma but for most people it takes a very long time of focus, study and meditation on a daily basis to achieve the opening. 
The desire to open one’s third eye is not a new thing, people have tired for ages to do so through religious studies, scientific studies and health studies. The first thing one needs to understand is that the third eye is associated with the crown chakra. This is why understanding all the chakras and the chakra system is essential. 
Using your third eye, as previously stated should not be for selfish purposes and should only be used for good, however as in anything in life people can and do find ways to use their abilities for evil. Just understand that karmic law is always in place and you can lose your abilities if you misuse your abilities.
Even once you do learn to open your third eye you must maintain your abilities. It can be daunting work to keep your system in balance but for some it is an essential and enjoyable part of their day! You must have somewhat of a spiritual belief system for this to work. If you are a skeptic or a person who generally makes fun of spiritual people it is pretty much useless to consider doing the work necessary to get to the point of using your third eye at all. Opening your third eye does not come easily for most people, so you must have patience and not be a person who wants immediate gratification. This does not mean you will never be able to open your third eye but for many it is better to wait until they are older and have more focus and patience before trying to do so or you could become discouraged with the process and not wish to try again later in your years. In addition to that thought - the older one is the wiser, generally speaking, except in the case of a person with an old soul, as they tend to be able to open the eye at any age. On the other end of the spectrum it is also possible for the very young, those yet not jaded by life’s hardships and difficulties, to open the third eye early on! 
Daily meditation practice is step one to achieving balance in all chakras and as an individual. See here for some guided meditations:
Then work on getting in touch with your senses - see this article here for help:

Follow the recommendations for balancing and getting in tune with all your chakras by seeing the following articles here:
Focus closely on the suggestions in each article for colors to surround yourself with, essential oils to use, gemstones to wear and exercises to do or activities to take part in. 
Always sit in a relaxed and comfortable position when doing meditation. For the third eye chakra sitting in lotus position or upright is fine, cross-legged if you can and wish to. 
When you do your meditations be keenly aware of yourself, in every aspect. Your thoughts in the present time, your feelings in the present time, the sensations around you in the present time. sounds, sights, your body, and focus on any memories or impressions that may come up during your focus. Also take note in your memory bank of everything listed above. Keep a meditation journal and make notations in it after every meditation session, even if you feel there is not much to journal, make note of that as well. 
During each mediation focus on each individual chakra in turn staring with your root chakra and going up toward the crown chakra for about five minutes each. Bear in mind the idea is you have already worked hard and balanced and aligned your chakras by daily meditative work prior to taking this step! 
Once you begin to focus on your crown chakra in this process you will go deeper than you had previously when simply working on balancing of the crown charka. 
Focus on the point directly between and behind the eyebrows - the pineal glad. This is where long term memory is stored - memory that goes back far beyond your own existence into the ancient data base known as the akashic records. 
This is where seeing truly lives, not in the eyes before the third eye, not just what is before you but what is within you and within the history of knowledge. 
Stay in this focus for as long as you can in a relaxed state. Do not rush through the process nor force it. Continue to follow the above instructions focusing on immediate impressions while being open to receiving any information from your third eye. In time you will see a light radiating in your pineal glad (the third eye). Once you can see this light focus on it intently and in a clam and relaxed state. Always when coming out of focus write your impressions, thoughts, feelings, experiences in your journal. 
When you come out of focus always be careful that you do not stand too quickly and always stay well hydrated. Focus such as this can tend to make you feel tired and thirsty. 
This method is not a guarantee. For some other meditations or exercises work better but you have to explore other methods and this is a good place to begin. 
Many people have asked me to mentor them on their journey but the spirit will open up when it is ready to. One reason many seem blocked on their spiritual path is often due to drama, trauma, or emotional blocks that have not been dealt with in one’s day to day life. Granted we live in a complex and at times difficult world and we all have our problems we must deal with but enlightenment comes when one faces their problems with grace and humanity toward others. If you are in a place of resentment, revenge seeking, hatred of self or others you will find it much more difficult to find your third eye. 
Before starting this path be sure you have reconciled as much of your past grievances as you can. Forgive, find closure and healing and be centered in your own well-being then you will find the path opens up before you so much easier! 


The Crown Chakra

Our Crown Chakra is associated with the color violet and is located on the top of the head. This chakra represents knowingness - the right to aspire. This chakra is regarded as the chakra most directly related to spirituality, psychic abilities, and our concept of God or a higher power. When fully opened and aligned we are to strive for integrating our consciousness and subconsciousness into a super- consciousness! 
The Crown Chakra is directly related to our brain and nervous system! 
Some of the imbalances one may face if their Crown Chakra is not properly aligned are:
Headaches, Epilepsy, Skin Problems, Coordination Problems, Argumentative Attitude, Varicose Veins, Apathy, Antisocial Behavior, Inability to Learn, Sensitivity to Light, Senility, Right and Left Brain Disorders, Depression, and Bone Cancer. 
To help restore our Crown Chakra we can do some of the following things:
Wear gold jewelry (real gold), Massage your Head, Reiki Sessions, Meditation, Guided Imagery, Keeping a Dream Journal, Wearing Violet Clothing and Wearing Violet Gemstones, Using Lavender Oil or Jasmine Oil, Violet Food and Drink. 
We have learned the basics about all the chakras before this one and it is important to understand that while each chakra has its own system - they also have a subsystem which we will learn more about in future articles as well as looking deeper into each of the main chakras! 
It is also important to understand that the goal of having properly aligned and well adjusted chakras is to do so as a whole. While we can definitely work on a one or two chakras to better our lives it is best to have all of them in harmony.
You do not need to have any cosmic or spiritual powers to cleanse and balance your chakra system. There is no magic or hocus pocus to doing this. Simply begin by implementing some of the suggestions in each of my charka articles, try implementing a little meditation into your life, even if only one to three times per week and become more aware of what your chakras are and what they do for you. This is the first step toward a more balanced and healthful life. 


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrating Arbor Day April 29th

135 Years ago a man named Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day. 
A simple idea of setting one day a year aside for planting trees was a great idea then, a necessary idea now! 
Trees are vital to our human existence and if you follow my blog you know my love for trees, yes I am a tree hugger! 
Tress are important to our communities for creating a harmonious environment and atmosphere and we all know tress help provide us with clean oxygen. One mature tree can provide enough oxygen for 10 people to inhale in a year! Tress clean our ground soil, control noise pollution, give homes to birds and other animals, slow water run off, provide shade and cooling, and act as windbreaks, just to name a few wonderful things tress provide to us.
In honor of Arbor Day Please Check out The Arbor Day Foundation’s Site here

and Like them on Facebook here:
A year’s membership provides you with 10 tress to plant in your own yard or to give to family and friends along with a list of other cool benefits and its only a 10 dollar yearly fee! 
Other ideas to celebrate Arbor Day are:
Slow down and spend some time meditating, praying or picnicking under or by a tree.
Teach a younger person or child about tress by reading them books or doing work sheets.
Obviously planting a tree is a huge plus but if you are not able to do so you can always make a small donation! 
Trees need company too, place a bird-feeder in a tree in your yard. 
Spread awareness - let others know about arbor day and the importance of trees! 
Take a day off to properly prune your tress - pruning is important to your tree’s health and longevity! 
There are so many ways to celebrate trees and it need not be a one time a year thing! 
Simply giving thanks to a tree can do the tree and yourself so much good! 
I hope everyone can do something special for Arbor Day! 


The Third Eye Chakra (Brow Chakra)

The Third Eye Charka is also called the Brow Chakra and it is associated with the color Indigo. Located in the forehead area between the eyes the Third Eye Chakra represents  Intuition and the right to see. 
Our Third Eye Chakra when in balance allows us to use our intuition and insights and to develop our spiritual abilities. 
We all have negative thoughts and feelings from time to time. When we have our Third Eye Chakra in alignment we are able to release these thoughts and feelings in a positive manner.  This chakra also allows us to self realize, identify and use our experiences to further develop our psychic gifts. This chakra assists with concentration and clarity of thought processes. It is especially important to have your Third Eye Chakra, let alone all your chakras in balance when doing spiritual work or taking spiritual courses.
Some of the issues you may suffer from if your Third Eye Chakra is not aligned are: 
Learning Disabilities, Co-Ordination, and Sleep Disorders. Lack of Focus, Forgetfulness, Strokes, Tumors, Seizures, Eye Problems, Headaches, Thyroid Imbalances, Mouth, Jaw, Neck or Shoulder Problems, Mood Swings, and Hormonal Imbalances. 
Some things you can do to help get back into alignment: 
Artistic Endeavors, Meditation, Color Therapy, Indigo Gemstones such as Lapis, Sapphire, and Quartz. The aromas of Mint, Jasmine and Vanilla also blue colored foods and drink. Spending time at night star-gazing seems to be one of the best therapies for the Third Eye Chakra along with watercoloring and meditation. 


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is associated with the color blue and is located in the throat region.
Being associated with being able to express oneself truthfully and openly and the ability to trust it is very important to keep it in balance. When our Throat Chakra is out of alignment we may not feel we can tell others how we feel and may even misguide others with our actions, inactions or things we say or don’t say! 
Trust issues can also arise by us not being able to trust others and worse, not being able to trust our own emotions! 
Organization and planning skills are also balanced by the Throat Chakra so having this in alignment is important for our day to day planning and work skills.  
The Throat Chakra allows us to feel we have the right to speak. To speak up for ourselves and toward others as well.
Some issues that may come up when the Throat Chakra is not balanced are:
Thyroid Imbalances, Swollen Glands, Fevers, Flu, Infections, Neck, Jaw, Mouth and Shoulder Pain, Hyperactivity, Hormonal Imbalances, Mood Swings, Bloating and Menopause. 
You can stimulate and align your Throat Chakra by reading poetry, singing, collecting, and having deep meaningful conversations with others. The color Blue in your surroundings will help balance your Throat Chakra, as well as blue foods and drinks. Try using chamomile or geranium essential oils as well! 


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Blank Rune

There are a lot of varying opinions on the use of a blank rune in your rune set.

Those who use the blank rune say its meaning is about a clean slate, a new beginning or an ending, the alpha and the omega. 

The idea around the blank rune is that the unknown is possibilities! 
The fears we face about the unknown, will I succeed? Will I fail? Will I lose the one I love? Will I get the job? And the unlimited possibilities before us such as, I can change my fate, I can find love, I can make a million dollars. 
However, the blank rune has no historical reference either and was only introduced into the rune set around the 1980’s. 
Those who follow tradition say that using a blank rune should never be done and should be left in your rune set bag unused and only treated as a replacement should you lose another rune. However, not all are traditionalists! Things do change, we adapt to new beliefs, and perhaps there is a time when a blank rune makes sense in a layout. 
I leave it up to the rune caster to decide if a blank rune is to be used or not when I get a rune reading, however when I do a rune reading I will often ask the client if they prefer I use a blank rune or not. It really depends on the focus of the reading, the client themselves and my intuitive feeling on the situation at hand. 
I like to look at all sides of this discussion and honestly would not lead you into one side or another. To me the blank rune does at times have its purpose however it really does not give much guidance nor give a clearer focus to the person getting the rune reading and therefore often times can bring more confusion than direction. The purpose of a rune reading is for direction, not further confusion. For this reason I usually do not use the blank rune. Yet again one could argue that sometimes the very thing we need is to know there is possibility and that there can be an ending to one chapter and a beginning to a new one, in these cases the blank rune can in fact give us that hope. 
The real problem with the blank rune lies in his lack of historical reference and those who are more learned in rune work know that it goes much deeper than simply giving guidance and direction. There are historical references we can utilize to understand our rune readings on a deeper level that are lacking in the blank rune. There are magical influences and ritual uses of the runes, but not the blank one. 
In total, the blank rune really is not good for anything but the generalized meaning associated with it by those who use it, but for those who really understand what runes are all about it means absolutely nothing. 
Simply put, runes are symbols, the runes are not the stones, or gem stones, or wood the symbols are carved into, but the symbols themselves are the runes! So how can a rune then be nothing? How can it be blank since symbols are in fact SYMBOLS!? I think that pretty much proves the point that the blank rune really is not a rune at all. 
Still I leave this up to you to decide if you wish to use the blank “rune” in your set, should it come with one. 


Monday, April 25, 2011

Maiden, Mother, and Crone

There are three main stages to every woman’s life. 
These stages are known as Maiden, Mother and Crone.
While recognized by the Wiccan belief system these three stages are not for wiccans alone. 
It is quite obvious that as we go through life we learn and grow.
The Maiden, Mother and Crone stages represent us, as women on our journey.
The Maiden stage begins at birth but is more formally introduced around the age of 12 years. This is when we begin to identify ourselves more directly as a young woman. We become more aware of our sexuality, we begin somewhere around this time to menstruate, and have a lot of questions about our place in this world. 
The Mother stage begins in the mid twenties to early thirties although no two women are the same and ages can vary widely. Entering mother stage is not necessarily about bearing children but the mothering instinct we have within us to help, or nurture ourselves and others.
The Crone stage comes once we feel we have walked a long enough path to share our wisdom with others. It comes in a time of enlightenment and awareness of ourselves and those around us and we come to a phase of completion of our own view on the world. 
In May I will be writing a lot about these three stages beginning with the Maiden stage of life. I hope that you all look forward to reading these articles as I am very much looking forward to publishing them.
With love, 
Azzrian Visions 


Twenty-Fourth Rune Othala

Othala - Phonetic Value - O - Pronounced “oath-awe-law”
Traditional Meaning: Ancestral or Inherited Property
Expanded Meaning: Othala deals with one’s birth right or possessions that have been handed down to them. Often this rune is viewed as property alone but often it can mean knowledge that has been passed down through generations as well. The perspective on if this is related to items or knowledge would be up to the individual and where they place value! 
Ancestral property and or knowledge, values, and spiritual belief systems can all be passed down or given to our children and our children’s children we can also receive them. Sometimes we may feel the need to fight acceptance of what is rightfully ours. 
Othala appearing in your rune casting is showing you that what is yours is rightfully yours for the taking or the enjoyment thereof. One must stop asking one’s rightful place and allow oneself to become attuned to it. 


The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is associated with the color green and is located at the center of the chest. 
The Heart Chakra deals directly with relationships, ones right to love and be loved, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance of oneself. It also concerns ones ability to use self control and maintain a positive balance when dealing with matters of the heart. 
When the Heart Chakra is in alignment it allows us to understand the inner complexities of emotions, how to find equality in emotional pursuits, how to heal, grieve and even let go in a healthy manner, and how to find happiness in emotional matters.
Heart and breathing disorders, blood pressure, immune system problems, cancers of heart and breast and chest pain all are associated with the Heart Chakra. 
In order to help balance the Heart Chakra one may enjoy taking nature walks, spending time with family and friends, or eating green food and having green drinks. Using green essential oils such as eucalyptus or pine also helps. Wear green colored clothing or use green colored decorative items in your home and work place. Meditation assists us with balance in all of our chakras so for your heart try focusing on a green colored candle.


Dream Meaning: Crying - Continued

This is a follow up to a previous article found here:
Crying when one is awake is a release of emotion usually negative ones. Sometimes we are unable to allow ourselves to cry or have bottled up our negative emotions so much that these emotions need to come out somewhere. Often when crying in a dream it has little to do with the dream itself and is more of a direct link to our waking life. In other words you are crying in your dream because you need to cry in your waking life. 
Dreaming is a means for us all to gain balance we lack in our day to day lives. Regardless of what we may dream about the symbolism always has to do with what is going on in our psyche, subconscious, conscious etc ... so when we cry in a dream this is usually a way to release pent up anxiety, fear, energy that we can not expel in our waking moments. 
We feel more at ease in dream state, as it is for us and us alone and no one can infringe upon our personal information, therefore crying in dream state allows us to feel comfortable letting the negative emotion out. However, this is also a sign that you may need to release some of this emotion in your waking life as well. This is especially true if you wake up crying. This is a sign that you should really dig deep to deal with some repressed emotions which may go back into your earlier years, could be a hidden trauma even from yourself. 
The fact is we all need to express our emotions in a healthy and productive manner yet sometimes we do not feel we can for some reason or another. Crying in dream state allows us to regain balance we may not feel we have in our daily life but it is always best to come to terms with what is hurting us inside, speak to someone and find the root source of the problems and meet them head on.