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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Favorite Five Spiritual Movies

I am not the biggest movie buff in the world by any means but I do have a few favorites.
The following are some of my favorite “spiritual” movies and my reasons for why they are my favs! 

Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven is an older movie but at the top of my list of favorites when it comes to having a spiritual meaning. This movie is about two loves who meet but must part. (I don’t want to give away the whole movie so I am sorry for being cryptic.) One begs for a chance to be with their love again and is given the chance ... but it is only a chance. 
Soul Mate Connotation! 
Check out the cameo appearances from some well known folk - well if you are as old as I am they will be well known. Great musical score to boot with the song “We’ve Never Danced”.  

The Lakehouse
Not so much a past life situation but definitely a soul mate one. I also love the skewed timeline - yes I did have to watch it twice to fully understand it lol hey no one said I was a brainiac! If you have not watched this movie yet get it for the weekend! It’s for sure a tear jerker! Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves star in this romance which is far from a comedic romance! These lovers keep up with each others timeline by writing notes and letters to each other and placing them in the mailbox of the home they both live in - in separate timelines! I guess we can say NOTHING can keep these two apart - or can it? 
You have to watch for yourself to find out! 

A journey of a son through his fathers amazing stories but what is the real story? A son tries to reconcile the “truth” of his father’s life while his father is at the end of his days. By the end of the movie you may or may not think you know what is fact and what is fiction but you will love every character in this story and the “truth” will no longer matter! 

Finding Neverland 
Well first of all Johnny Depp is in it - need I say more? But seriously this is a great movie! Aside from this being based on Peter Pan this movie is about giving of oneself beyond our own needs. Life always manages to give us not want we want, but what we need and sometimes it is one and the same! There are some amazing lessons in this movie to be shared with a loved or one enjoyed on your own. It is a tear jerker though - be warned! 

Staring the lovely and recently late Brittany Murphy, Neverwas is another father / son bonding movie. A well-known psychiatrist takes a job where his father lived before he wrote a renowned children’s book. There he meets a schizophrenic who uncovers some truths within the story! This is a very tender and magical story. Neverwas got some bad reviews but I just cannot seem to figure out why. Its poignant and enrapturing! I’m not even sure I can explain it and do it any justice and perhaps that is why the reviewers did not care for it so much. Its hard to enjoy what one cannot FULLY understand! 
Well there you have it ... there are others but those would be my top five believe it or not! 
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Your Root Chakra

Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine. It is associated with the color red.

Your root chakra deals with survival and tasks related to the world around you. It is what grounds you as an individual and allows you to feel deserving of joy and abundance. Early childhood trauma can often upset this chakra as well as trauma experienced later in life. At any time any of our chakras can become off balance. It is important to understand and nurture your chakra system in order to live a harmonious existence.

Your root chakra can cause imbalances such as fatigue, lack of sleep, lower back pain, cold feet and hands, and frequent cold or flu symptoms. The root chakra also can cause depression when off balance. 
Some of the ways to restore your root chakra balance is to get plenty of restful sleep. Herbal remedies are received well by the chakras and use of Lavender is helpful.
Red food and drink can help restore the root chakra such as tomato juice, tomatoes, strawberries, cranberries, and beets. Red Gemstones are often worn by those who need to restore their root chakra as well as red clothing. Try using Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood essential oil as well when doing yoga, or mediation. 


Healing Flowers for Your Garden

I love when it is time to plant and that time is right around the corner! 
Usually I just do an herb garden along with a couple of flowering herbs but this year I am going to work harder at my green thumb by planting healing flowers as well.
These are the flowers that will go in my Healing Garden:


Calendula - I plant this every year along with my herbs.  Calendula is a type of Marigold and helps stave away pests and critters from the veggies and herbs it is around. However unlike regular Marigold it has strong healing properties.  It is also one of my favorite healing flowers. Calendula can help with:

Muscle Spasm
Varicose Veins
Menstrual Cramps  
Sore Throats
and so much more... 
Calendula is in fact a ragweed relative so be careful if you have allergies! 
Also be careful if you take any type of sedative. 
Purple Coneflower / Echinacea

Echinacea is a flowering herb but is so beautiful it deserves to be in the FLOWER category! Medicine can be made from its leaves, flower and roots. This flowring herb is native to North America and was used by the Great Plains Indian Tribes. Echinacea can help with:

Cold Symptoms
Herpes Simplex
Bee Stings
and of course many other things as well! 
Again always do your research before using and on how to use medicinal herbs or flowers! 

Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium) is a wonderful medicinal flower that is thought to be named after the Greek God Achilles who was said to use Yarrow to stop the bleeding wounds of his soldiers! Yarrow can help with:

Loss of Appetite
Indigestion or Heartburn
Amenorrhea (irregular menstrual cycle) 
Menstrual Cramps
Muscle Spasms
Wound Healing 
And much more! 

Not only a beautiful addition to any flower garden, Lavender has so many healing properties it is a must have in any garden and even in an essential oil in your medicine cabinet! In the Bible it is said that Lavender is a holy safeguard against Evil! Lavender can be used for: 

Aid in relaxation and sleep
Bug Bites
and of course much more! 
That’s right! Dandelion! Granted most people try desperately to keep these little “weeds” away but I welcome them into my garden by having a special place for them in a raised pot! Dandelion is a wonderful herbal FLOWER that can aid in many areas of your life! 
Dandelion is wonderful in salads as well! They are rich in Vitamins A and C and have more beta carotine than carrots and more potassium than broccoli or spinach! They also have good healthy doses of copper and iron to boot! Some of the things that Dandelion can be used for are: 
Skin Conditions
Improve Kidney Function 
Strengthen Liver
Reduce Inflammation
Eliminate Warts and Acne
Coffee Substitute
Bee Stings
Intestinal Problems
And of course yet again .... so much more! 
Again always research the flowers themselves and applications or dosages! 
I can’t wait to plant my veggies and flower garden this year! 
It is not only something that one can enjoy and use for illness but the planting and nurturing of a garden itself is very healing.


Fifteenth Rune Algiz

Algiz - Phonetic Value Z or R - Pronounced All-Yee-See or Ale-Hawz
Traditional Meaning: Protection, The Elk
This is the fork in the road before you that brings you to a need to make a choice in a matter. This rune signifies channeling your energies to make that choice. This rune also tells you to use your intuition and instincts. 
Mostly, however, this rune is about protection and shielding oneself or others from negative energies! Beware of energy vampires or a succubus that may try to leech onto your success! 
Like the horns of the Elk the forks in the road before you allows you see before you new opportunity and more options however you must warn away from excess emotion, use balance and temperance along with your gut instincts to see the clear path! 
This rune is a reminder that you cannot avoid or hide from the negative around you even if it is within yourself. Pain, fear, opposition, must be met dead on in order to make your choices with clarity! 


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fourteenth Rune Perthro

Perthro - Phonetic Value P - Pronounced Perth-Row

Traditional Meaning: Vagina, Lot Cup
Expanded Meaning: This rune has a strong feminine quality. It is also about abundance! Perthro is about feminine energy, mystery and secret matters. 
Perthro is about the knowledge that traditionally only women possessed. It is about knowing oneself, having resolve and dignity, candor and fellowship. 
If this rune is cast it may be indicative of a strong female role model entering your path. It can also be demonstrative of your own feminine abilities. 
Perthro is about job and evolutionary change, about abundance and fulfillment. It is significant of a strong and determined woman or feminine energy, that is stead fast and has wisdom. 
I always think of the Crone phase of life when I pull this rune. It reminds me of the wisdom we develop over time, that we will pass on to our daughters and granddaughters. I think of my mother, grandmother and my great grandmother when this rune comes up. 
Perthro represents knowledge of one’s own destiny, a clear and decisive path already walked, attainment of knowledge and secrecy to divulge it to those deserving and prepared to obtain the information. It is about passing this knowledge down to the younger generations.
Rune Tip: There is a mystical side to Perthro. The occult is an influencing factor however only in the sense that women as a whole are mystical creatures with their own little hidden agendas at play. While men carry feminine traits and while men have been women in past lives, it is in the human form that women carry certain knowledge of what it is to live within the female embodiment!


Another Retrograde!

Mercury goes retrograde again starting tomorrow, March 30th and will remain in retrograde until April 23rd. 
Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo therefore has a direct association to character traits of those signs. 
During a Mercury retrograde you will not want to enter into contracts, or try to have “the talk” with a loved one. Mercury rules over communication and there are often break downs in communication during a Merc Retro! 
Electronics seem to go haywire during this time as well and it is thought that purchasing anything electronic is a bad idea during a retrograde. 
Even bookkeeping can be hazardous at this time! 
You may even discover something you are expecting in the mail or have shipped to take forever to arrive! 
Mercury is a messenger so when you think about communication as a whole, be that in person, via mail, the written word, electronics such as email, text, etc, there is a good chance for things to go a bit bonkers! 
While life cannot stop during a retrograde and we depend so heavily on communication, just keep good ol Merc Retro in mind and try to be a bit more patient with yourself and others during this time frame. 
Also try to avoid any important decision making, contracts, and purchases that revolve around electronics and communication! 
For more info on Mercury Retrograde see here:


Sunday, March 27, 2011

All About You Aries!

Happy Birthday to my Aries Friends and Followers
Aries March 21 - April 20 
If Aries had a motto it would be: “I am here for the thrills and to lead others into excitement! Be ready for fun and don’t hold me back, follow or stay behind it may be a bumpy ride! I am a puzzle unraveling puzzles as I go along!”
Granted no two Aries people are exactly alike but there are some very significant things about every sign that will stand out. 
I have in previous articles written about Aries Career Path

As well as Aries in Love

Today I want to talk about Aries strengths and Weaknesses. We all have positive and negative forces at work within us. Lets take a deeper look Aries at what makes you tick! 
As a natural competitor you like challenge and have a hard time with authority. This can be a wonderful strength or it can be a weakness as well. Learn to find balance and accept that you will not always be at the front of the pack but with some patience and diplomacy you can surely get there in no time at all! 
You have a graceful nature that can shoot you straight to the top but you can be your own worst enemy if you do not find temperance and balance in your life. 
Try not to let petty jealousy stand in your way. Often times you have a tendency to make the smallest issues become bigger than life because of the very light you shine upon an issue. You naturally attract attention without much effort so try to always show the bright and brilliant side of you because people are going to look to you for wisdom and if they catch you at a weak point it will not fair well for you. 
Aries you are the daredevil friend who is always looking for a new trail to blaze and you enjoy having others along with you for the ride even when it becomes bumpy. This fuels you but for others at times this path can become scary, and bewildering. Remember you have a very empathic side to you that you need to tap into when others may feel you are running ahead too fast. Go back and walk beside them, comfort them and assure them that you know where you are going. 
Remember not to be too forceful. What you feel is just every day conversation can at times make others feel pressured. You have a direct and honest nature about you which is a wonderful quality however sometimes you can come off as being too abrupt or assertive. Again temperance is key when dealing with people who are not as straight forward as you. Try not to view them as having a weak character or as flawed individuals, just realize Aries that your go-for-it nature is not innate in all people and a lot of people struggle with your openness. Your go for the gusto nature is better left to be used in the business world but in personal relationships pull back slightly and give the other person a chance to catch up. 
On the other hand Aries try not to hold back so much on what you feel when it comes to matters of the heart. Try not to be such a puzzle to your loved one. You have a tendency to hold back because as much of a charismatic person that you are who tells it like it is you do tend to have a protective barrier around that heart of yours and wether you realize it or not you do tend to keep those who may be loved ones wondering what your real intentions are! Usually you think fast and furious and make decisions easily but not when it comes to love although once you do finally decide what you want you are clear about things, perhaps a way to use your strengths to your fullest is to focus a bit more on your own emotional balance. 
You have a very sentimental nature and deep down you have a huge heart that anyone would be lucky to win but be sure that you do not lock your heart away so much that no one can ever get to it! Your protective coating around that delicate heart of yours can be your own worst enemy! You have the gift of words and action, something many signs lack so you cannot only share your emotions with someone eloquently but you can back those words up with action when your heart is truly all-in. Don’t short change yourself by second guessing yourself. If there is any one area in which Aries is NOT of a devil may care mindset it is in fact, in love situations. 
Aries try to remember that due to this you may tend to be overzealous in your career path which is not a bad thing at all as you can be quite the entrepreneur and most certainly successful in most any business venture you get involved in, however don’t let this become a cover for your lack of self knowledge in your personal life! 
Aries you are truly one of my favorite signs because you have a lot of ability to stay balanced, focused and grounded if you set your mind to it. Yet you also have this fun, outgoing, communicative nature that allows people to see you for who you really are! When you can find the perfect harmony between those two parts of you it is delightful! 
With Love,


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facebook - Destroyer of Relationships?

First let me take a moment to do a little lol. 
Okay done ...
Now seriously people ... this is my chance to do a little rant and try to perhaps help some of you who are taking the facebook thing a little too far, some too seriously and some way out of the ballpark! 
Now, if you are under the age of, oh, lets say 20 ... don’t even bother reading this. 
You have a right to be immature, have fun,  be obsessive, jealous, and a little erratic. Although I do not recommend any of those later behaviors as it could set you up for a really difficult adult life! Which brings me to some of the rest of you ...
If you are over the age of 20 and are obsessing over someone’s Facebook please read this article! 
Rule of Thumb: if you find yourself interested in someone of either gender who is using Facebook as their primary source for meeting people to date, flirt with, romance, etc., chances are you should NOT be pursuing this person! 
Rule of Thumb: If you find yourself obsessing over their status, and interactions with others on a daily basis, you need to delete your account and get out of the house. 
Now I am not talking about married couples or people who are dating in real life. If your lover is speaking to oodles of people of the opposite gender in a flirtatious manner it’s time to pull them away form the computer and have an in person real life talk with them! 
It may be time to kick him or her to the curb! 
However, for those of you who are not dating the person you are cyber stalking, its time to take a look at self! 
He or she may have said things to you that you took to heart. They may have suggested an in person meeting to get to know each other, or worse you may already be having cyber sex with this person, have told them all your deep dark fantasies and secrets and be planning your wedding. STOP THERE. If you have not developed an in person face to face relationship that is on the level with someone, anything and everything you have heard or been told online is just a story - until it is validated THROUGH ACTION! 
You see we have the Internet and even I personally met my own spouse online but no one ever handed us a manual on how to do this whole online virtual world dating thing.
It takes some thick skin, a wise mental perspective, some caution without paranoia, some self respect, dignity and a non obsessive mentality! 
Facebook and other networking sites are predator playgrounds but a lot of people are very sincere as well. You have to be willing to put yourself out there but you also have to have some balance and grounding of self first! 
Never go to online sites to scout a romance if you are still reeling over a past love. 
Never begin to talk sexually or romantically with a person you have not met IN person.
Always meet the first time in a public place that is busy and close to a police station. 
If they are secretive, will not give out full name, location, phone number, etc and so on RUN AWAY! 
Never talk to someone with a romantic interest if they are still with someone else, dating someone else, just getting over a relationship, MARRIED, etc. 
Watch for those who place the blame of the failure of a relationship ALL on their ex.
Also be aware of married men who say “We are more like roommates.”
“There is no intimacy” and things of this nature.
Truly there are a lot of ways to know when to run and when to give someone a shot, but it really all comes down to two things. 
Use Common Sense and Have Self Esteem! 
If you know you do not posses either - stay off social networking sites, work on yourself and then give it a go! 
This article may come off as harsh or judgmental but it truly is written to help so many people who have found themselves hurt time and again by trusting in people they really honestly feel they know. Fact is many people use Facebook and other sites like it as an ego boost, a way to prey on the vulnerable, and insecure and a method of cheating on their significant others. Facebook and sites like it allow a person to be whoever they WANT to be but really are not! Words are nothing more than words - the proof is in the pudding and that pudding is made with a heaping serving of ACTION!  
Remember that a lot of people love to role play and when you have that safety net of a computer screen between you and the other person you can really play it off as if you are super human, the victim, hurt by someone and trying to heal, a super model, etc and so on. Do not believe what you are told, take action and do some background checking of the person you are speaking with.
Be BOLD, ask their friends about them, and if all else fails get a formal background check done! If they are not willing to allow this to be done then move on and don’t look back! 
I wanted to give a bit of my opinion and view on this because I see a lot of things floating around about how Facebook is responsible for the break up of marriages, and things of that nature and I cry BS! It is not the fault of some computer program that you are being lied to nor that you are believing it!