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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seventh Rune Gebo

Seventh Rune Gebo - Phonetic Value G - Traditional Meaning: Gift
Expanded Meaning: This rune symbolizes the exchange of energy via gifts. Physical gifts of generosity and gifts of self. This gives a balance to ones core. This can be something that one may consider to be giving to one’s karma through sharing, benefiting, assisting and caring for others or can be about money or items as well. 
This rune will come up also in times of contractual agreements, personal relationships that are budding or building, business matters, and many other periods in one’s life.
It often comes up around holidays as well.
Consider this rune to be a sign of prosperous and beneficial conditions, situations, partnerships and the like. 
If you draw this rune this is evidence that what you give out into the universe you will also receive! 
Rune Tip: If you cannot make your own rune stones find someone who is not only talented but also holds similar spiritual beliefs to yourself to assist you in their creation! 
You may also buy a rune set and while they do not have to be made out of wood try to at least find natural products such as marble, granite, or other minerals. 
If a rune set is given to you as a gift, much like tarot cards, this is a good thing as well second only to making your own! 


Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream Meaning: Storm

If you have had dreams or nightmares about storms, be them gentle rain showers, thunderstorms, or even hurricanes this is a sign of turmoil.
You may be being given a sign that trouble is brewing up ahead of you or perhaps you are already dealing with troubles. 

The more treacherous the storm the closer you are to the problem. If you see a storm brewing in the distance you can take this as a sign that trouble is ahead of you, however if you are in the middle of a storm it is likely you already know what the trouble is and are directly involved in it already.
To see a gentle rain shower is indicative of those little road blocks that get in our way or a trouble maker in your presence. 
To see a treacherous storm or being in one would then mean that the troubles you are facing or about to face are much more intense. 
If your life is relatively smooth sailing when you have a storm dream then prepare for some waves ahead and carry an umbrella of course figuratively speaking. You can prepare to defend yourself or someone else, or be ready to take action where necessary. 
These storm dreams can also be your own hidden fears and emotions catching up with you, telling you its time to take action and face the music and stop hiding from the troubles you face! 
The rainbow after this storm is that more often than not, when you have troubles accompanied with dreams about storms there is a chance for a spiritual uprising in the aftermath! An opportunity for change is on its way and a lesson to be learned from the trials and tribulations you have faced. 


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sixth Rune Kenaz

Sixth Rune Kenaz - Phonetic Value K - Traditional Meaning: Beacon or Torch

Expanded Meaning: This rune represents that Ah-ha moment! A revelation or vision. 
This rune can show us that a moment is coming up or is happening where things fall into place and make sense. This is about the power each of us posses inside of ourselves to over come obstacles, create new ways of doing things or thinking. 
This rune can show a vital moment of transformation along our life path, creativity, invention, and inspiration. 
When thinking about the traditional meaning this rune is a sign of fire and passion, which can mean that it is attached to relationships but this is not always the case. Whatever your passion may be at this time look for a sign, a vision, a coming of power and knowledge and be on the look out of your Ah-ha moment! Be open to seeing the signs and accepting your own personal power. 


Friday, February 18, 2011

Pisces and Career Path

Feb 20 - March 20 
The Pisces loves to dream and dares to dream. They are sensitive intuitive people who are trendsetters and trusting. They are easily hurt and have huge hearts but they can tend to be elusive in the sense that they are always chasing the next big thing. It can be hard to keep up with a Pisces but they do not just sit around dreaming idly! Pisces are go getters and follow their dreams to the end of the rainbow! The problem Pisces will often face is that their ideal career paths may not always live up to how they vision it in their head and heart. 
Pisces love beauty and nature and are also amazing care takers. 
This may lead the Pisces into the field of art, photography, landscaping, or into being a caregiver to the young, elderly or animals. 
Because Pisces like to think outside the box they tend to do better when self employed or working for someone who is progressive and allows them to be guided by their own compass.
Pisces need something to fuel their passions and they feel best when they have a project. They may do a lot of volunteer work, get involved in community, etc but they really need to feel they are doing something of value
Some good career options for Pisces are:
Animal Rights Activist
Art Critic
Art Therapist
Charity Worker
Childcare Worker
Civil Rights Activist
Clothing Designer
Costume Designer
Disc Jockey
Empowerment Coach
Environmental Scientist
Flight Attendant
Human Resource Manager
Life Coach
Personal Assistant
Personal Trainer
Physical Therapist
Public Speaker
Real Estate Agent
Recreation and Fitness Worker
Social Worker
Tour Guide
Travel Agent
Window Designer


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is Justin Bieber my Soulmate?

One may think this is a really funny question - I admit when I saw it posted on the public boards of a site I work on I got a chuckle but my knowledge of soul mates and how they work chimed in and I had to admit - it IS possible! 
There are theories that it is very possible many of us are related if you go far enough down the bloodlines and dig deep enough into our family trees. Spiritually speaking it is quite possible that at some point in time, many lifetimes ago, or even in our last lifetime we have been soul mates with someone like Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, even Oprah Winfrey herself! 
First of all you have to believe in past lives. If you do not then you can still smirk at this article or just pass it by. Then once you believe in past lives you can believe in soul mates as they go hand in hand - you can not subscribe to one school of thought without subscribing to the other - well you “can” but it just does not work. 
Since souls do travel in soul groups it is far more likely you are soul mates with someone “famous” if they are in your actual soul group however souls often do cross over into other groups which is how we can make brand new soul mates. Obviously we need to make new soul mates and do not always keep bumping into the same ones over and over although that is more likely the case most of the time. 
The thing I like to drive a person away from however is the idea that having a soul mate that is someone “famous” really means anything important or special at all. It doesn’t! They are a soul, pure and simple, just like you or me, who happen to have a path of fame in THIS life. That does not mean that they did in other lifetimes, nor will they again,  or that you have not been famous. 
When someone gets caught up wondering if a famous person is a soul mate 99.9% of the time it is out of an obsession not due to an actual soul mate connection, however it is not impossible. The fact is it is possible to go back far enough to discover just about anyone is a soul mate. The real issue lies in the importance we place on soul mates. 
As I have discussed in other articles which you can search on my blog, soul mates are not uncommon, we have many of them and there are many kinds of soul mates. The issue lies in when we romanticize them and think they are rare and we may never meet one and if we have met one we may never meet another. Soul mate situations in their truest form, love mates, life mates, twin flames, etc are more rare, and they are most of the time quite troublesome on many levels. Most soul mates we meet we do not even give proper credence to! That school teacher who helped you in 6th grade, the nurse who took special interest in you after that car accident, the neighbor who helped you when your dog was hit by a car, you name it, those people who enter our lives for a short period of time who leave a profound impact are soul mates! Those are the ones who need to be recognized who fall between the cracks because we are looking for that soul mate that gives us that WOW factor, makes us fall head over heels and changes our lives for a long period of time. 
As I have also said in past articles, be careful what you wish for. More often than not once you have experienced a soul mate situation with a lover you will appreciate more those simpler more basic romantic situations. 
Not that I am knocking love soul mates but we have to open our eyes to the fact that we are all souls coming and going in this universe, we may be in this body right now and we may or may not be famous or as in our society viewed as “important” but for those of you wondering if Justin Bieber is your soul mate ... he just may be or not.


Fifth Rune Raidho

Fifth Rune Raidho - Phonetic Value R - Traditional Meaning: Wagon or Chariot

Expanded Meaning: This rune represents travel or a journey. This can be literal or spiritual. This rune will show up when there is a mental, emotional, spiritual or perspective change to come about in an individual or when one is about to embark on a trip, going toward a new physical destination or when one is about to make a lifestyle change. This rune should be looked at as something quite important because it is not just about taking a trip somewhere fun or relaxing but is about change due to travel or realignment of the mental / emotional outlook. This rune indicates one should look at the big picture or view their world on a larger scale. It is about seeing the opportunity before you and making a firm decision on where your path should lead instead of taking a more passive outlook and “letting” things happen TO you it is about taking initiative. 
Rune Tip: Many who become interested in runes also have an interest in tarot cards. If you know basic tarot card layouts you can use them for rune casting as well. 


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fourth Rune Ansuz

Ansuz - Phoentic Value A - Traditional Meaning: Ancestral God, Odin
Expanded Meaning: Speech, communication, verbalization and the power of the spoken word. Insight, signals and signs. Harmony, inspiration, enlightenment, empowerment, truth, vision, blessings. Good health, harmony, wisdom.
When this rune is drawn it is a sure sign that you are on a positive path or that a positive change is to come if your current path has not been so awesome. 
Keep your eyes opened for signs, symbols, or things that give a true meaning to your options. 
Trust your vision, listen to those with wise words to offer, count your blessings and allow for your intuition to flow! 
Rune Tip: Odin, the primary God of Norse mythology, is seen on tarot cards as The Hanged Man. 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dream Meaning: Snakes

A regular client of mine just asked me about seeing a snake in her dreams so I decided to bring back my dream meaning articles to help her understand her snake dream. 
Snakes symbolize a lot of different things from hidden fears and sexual desires to someone around you who is of a callous and deceptive nature.

Of course as with in any dream one must really have supporting facts and details to truly interpret their dream correctly but for the sake of symbolism the following rings true:
If you see a snake in your dream wether you are bitten by it or not shows your fears and worries that are bothering you. This can be something you are aware of but also bear in mind this very well could be something about to surface and surprise you so keep your eyes open! 
If you see or feel snakes in your bed or under the covers it can show repressed sexual desires, lack of sexual experience, fear of intimacy, or desire for intimacy. Snakes are phallic symbols much of the time, think garden of Eden, and when under the covers could be because you are covering up or hiding sexual desires, even from oneself. In the same note it could show that you are trying to repress your desires, or that you are not able to be with the one you love and attempting to keep other temptations at bay. Depending on how you react to the snake this could give other meanings to the dream. Perhaps you are fighting the snake off? You could be fearful of someone who is making sexual advances toward you. This is why supporting information about the dream is helpful to really do a through interpretation. 
If your snake has two heads it can mean you are going in two different directions or have two people or situations pulling at you and you do not know which way to go. You feel overwhelmed and over burdened and may feel either a duty to both sides or a compulsion to both. 
If your dream is more violent in nature and you rip the head off of the snake you are showing your dominance in the situation and you are actually manifesting the strength to handle or continue in the current circumstances. You are showing that you have the ability to overcome but you may want to stop and reconsider your methods. You may have a sneaking tendency coming up where you will be faced with a fight or flight feeling in which you may over react if not careful and thoughtful. 
There are many other meanings for a snake showing up in our dreams! Its always wise to keep a dream journal next to our bed so we can write down every memory of each dream before we forget about them. You never know which dreams will continue to bother us through out the day or weeks to come and its great to have the added information for your dream interpreter handy when you decide to get a dream reading! 
With love, 


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Putting Energy into Perspective

Have you ever been told you carry a lot of negative energy around with you or that you are a negative person?
Maybe you have been told your are an upbeat and positive person.
Perhaps you heard both at different times of your life or maybe even in the same week! 
Why is it sometimes we feel on top of the world and yet other times we let the simplest things get to us?
Why is it some people view us as chipper and upbeat while others view us as whiney and complaining?
First of all we all carry both negative and positive around with us. There is a balance to all things of course we can easily get knocked off balance due to life situations, other people, circumstances, health, work, family, etc and so on. 
Energy is not just good or not just evil however some people sure can swing to one extreme side! 
Finding our triggers is key. For me when I begin to feel overwhelmed and have too many tasks at hand is a clear trigger. It is at these times I need to step away from everything and cleanse my energy so I can get back to balance. 
We all have certain things that trigger us to fall off track and lose balance in our energy.
Discovering what our personal triggers are can help us stay balanced. 
The ideal is to consider other people in this light. Everyone has good to offer and negative to offer and those times that you feel someone may be a negative person you really need to stop, step back, and take stock. Not knowing what is going on in their now can cause you to judge others as negative energies. Its really not fair and others do this to you as well. 
When you consider all the things you must balance in your day to day life it can be very easy to get off track and feel like lashing out at everyone around you.
Take for instance the person in line at the grocery store who is behind you huffing and puffing acting like you are in their way! It is possible this person has a sick loved one at home they need to get back to asap or they could simply be a real jerk lol. 
Take into consideration the former and instead of allowing them to fuel your anger, politely offer them the chance to move ahead of you in line. If they refuse and still act like an ass so be it, you offered, and you can move ahead with your day knowing you offered a positive gesture to them. Perhaps later when they get home and unwind they will reflect on your generosity and realize how they behaved. This could spur in them a change in their own energy of a more peaceful and considerate nature. Perhaps next time they are in line and someone is huffing and puffing behind them they will in turn offer the same thing you did. Its the pay it forward mentality. 
Maybe you are the one huffing and puffing. Perhaps you have had a very long difficult day and simply need to get home to more work, the yard, kids and homework, etc. 
Each and every one of us are capable of showing our “negative” side now and then. Some more often than others of course. 
One thing I know I dislike when I am in my negative space is when someone alludes to the fact or points out directly how much worse others have it. This makes me cringe because I think we all know there is great suffering in this world and our society has many downfalls. The fact however is when we are in that negative space those things do not feel as real to us because we are by nature very self absorbed people, like it or not, its the truth. When you are hurting, angry, in pain, over very real life situations you are in that negative space and to some degree need to be in it. It is OKAY to feel negative at times, and it is okay to feel down and out. We all deserve those times in our lives to be self focused and on the pity pot so to speak. This is only truly an issue if we remain there and do not do anything to over come our situations at hand. 
Some of us are suffering from financial problems, health problems, parenting issues, marriage struggles, career path blockages, car problems to name a few and some people are struggling with many of these problems at once. To compare one’s sufferings to another’s is not proactive at all. While it is kind to say “well just be happy you have a roof over your head” does little good to the person who just got served foreclosure papers! Saying “at least you have your health” to someone who’s child is suffering from a debilitating disease is of no value. 
Often times we toss out those generalized phrases because we know others do in fact have it far worse off or we simply do not have anything wise to say at all. Its a lot like those people who ask, “how are you today” then do not wait for your response. Worse those who ask then when you tell them the truth instead of the canned response of “Fine and how are you” they go blank as they truly did not expect to hear anything but “fine and yourself?” 
When you are in your negative space you are far less likely to judge others who are in their negative space and so you will find it is common that negative feeds on and attracts negative! Ever over hear two people sitting in a diner or somewhere gossiping relentlessly about people they know? Or complaining non-stop about their lives? Negative attracts negative because we need someone who will understand us and give us sympathy. Positive attracts positive in the same way. No one who is in a really great mood wants to be hanging around with someone who is miserable and vice versa! 
This is the nature of energy and how it works but it is also how we can get stuck in negative mode! Getting stuck in positive mode is not a bad thing at all as long as you do not become one of those annoying people who tell negative space people “it could be much worse”. 
We all must learn to show empathy toward others and be on alert for those who can keep us in a negative space and those who do not want us in their positive space! 
If you are in a negative space take time away from those who are not. It is not fair to bring them down but at the same time you do not want to keep going back to the same negative people who will only enable you to stay there! 
Take a few days off to self to sit on your pity pot and be upset, angry, mad at the world then get off of it and make the conscious effort that you are going to tackle your obstacles! 
Then you have made the transition from negative space to balanced space which truly is a good place to be! From there you can take care of business, tackle obstacles and in time move into your positive space again! 
For those of you who are dealing with people in their negative space it can become tiring and daunting especially when you have your own daily struggles you are dealing with. Show empathy, do not toss out canned remarks. It is better to say “I wish I could say something to help but I got nothing” than to give some canned remark. Also remember it is not your job nor duty to help them and usually they just need to vent a little but set your boundaries on how much time you will dedicate to allowing then to use you as their sounding board! 
One cannot respect your boundaries if you have none established! And try to remember you may hit your own negative space sooner or later and need them as your sounding board! 
Don’t judge! If you learn nothing else from this article I want you to learn this. Putting judgement on others can really backfire on you! I have so often heard “so and so is SO negative!” I find it a little humorous because even in saying so projects a negative energy from the person saying it! 
So the key factors to having perspective on energy are:
We all have both negative and positive energy.
Find your triggers.
Transition Points: Negative, Pity Pot, Cleanse, Balance, Transition to Positive Energy.
Empathy for others.
Set Boundaries. 
Negative Energy Attracts Negative Energy.
Positive Energy Attracts Positive Energy.
Don’t Judge.
Do not offer canned remarks.
Pay it forward.
With Love,


Are You Just Trying to Help Him or Her Make Excuses?

Ask yourself, “When I get a reading am I only really hoping to find excuses for him or her?”
The challenge in getting a helpful reading is to ask the right questions.
Your psychic advisor may be able to tell you what he or she really thinks and feels but if they are not capable of expressing that to you personally does it truly matter?
We all struggle with our individual blockages. Perhaps they are still reeling from a past relationship, perhaps they are afraid you will reject them, maybe they are worried they are not at a place in their life they can give 100% to focus on a commitment. While all of this may be very true and “reasons” why they are not showing you their feelings, while they may have real positive thoughts of you and intentions of trying with you one day, all you really can go on is what they are acting on NOW. 
Your advisor can help you make sense of mixed signals and non-actions on their part but it is not healthy for you to take this as a saving grace to keep trying with another person who is not capable of giving toward the relationship. 
Yes, your advisor can offer timelines and predictions that may indicate an idea as to their path, where they are on it and potentially when they may come forward and begin to give toward the relationship or show emotions etc but again you have to ask yourself to depart from the emotional and look toward the logic. 
When we are attracted toward someone, or more-so when in love with someone, we really want them to love us back or show that same level of interest in us and all too often we get those mixed signals. The push and pull, the one step forward two steps back thing going on which confuses us and causes us to seek guidance. 
Often times in a reading I can see that the other person does have attraction and a true interest in the client, however once that is stated everything else seems to get caught up in a slew of oblivion and the meaningful messages are not heard. It is in our hopes that if the mutual attraction or love is there that this means it will surely come out in time, if we are just a little more patient or we do the right things or do not do the wrong things.
This is human nature, our desires and what we hope to have manifest. However that outcome is not always going to be the case even if there is a deep passion, desire, attraction, etc. 
When a person is truly ready for a relationship and truly equally attracted it is more likely than not they will show it. Chasing rainbows for that perfect outcome is very damaging to you as a person and will in time only beat you down and cause you to feel disenchanted with self which causes esteem issues in the long run. 
When you ask your advisor “Is he / she attracted to me” or anything of that sort, be ready to hear not just the direct answer to that question but also the underlying messages the advisor has to offer. 
A simple yes or no can be what makes your day or breaks it but often the answer is yes ... but .... and it is the buts you need to take heed of.
From there it is up to you and your advisor to determine if this is a dead end path or if there is a VALID ray of hope. Valid would be that this person is in fact working on their blockages, issues, situations, problems etc that would lead toward a positive outcome for yourself and that other person, however if you are told that this is not going to be an easy path, you will end up banging your head against a wall, that this person is not in the process of their own personal progress or other red flags please consider this as a dead end street. 
I cannot express how many times I have told someone that the other person does have feelings for them BUT ... and given them every reason NOT to continue with trying to make a relationship with that person. Regardless our human need for validation, acceptance, requited love, leads them to continue to ask “But what if I this or what if I that or is it possible they will this or that ....” you get the picture right? We continue to beat the dead horse hoping for some small morsel of hope when really that horse will never see the finish line! 
Sometimes, as an advisor this makes me ponder if I should simply not say “yes he/she does have feelings for you” and just lead with the reasons why NOT to proceed with that person. I cannot lie to a client and tell them straight out the door that this person has absolutely no feeling for them when I see that they do, however it is also my duty as an advisor to show the multitude of reasons why even though they do have feelings toward them it is still a dead end street. 
A person absolutely can have feelings for you, even love you but that still does not mean they have walked their own path, worked out their own issues, found their own success, whatever it is they are needing in their personal life to be what you need them to be for you. 
Talking to your advisor about these things can in fact help, it can help you understand if it is an outright personal rejection or if it is really not you but them. In many cases it is them and not about you personally and yes sometimes the person we desire simply does not desire us! Most of the time however when clients do not want to hear the red flags it is because there are mixed signals coming at them, the other person IS attracted to them but not making forward movements. That is what this article is for, to show you, the client, that even though everything may seem to be going somewhere, sometimes you can be spared far more pain than you may already be in by taking heed to the underlying warning signals that your advisor can show you. 
Let’s face it - we as people can make enough excuses for ourselves, let’s not “help” people by making excuses for them! That’s an enabling stand point to take and in a relationship can lead to a devastating out come for all.
We are hopeful people, we want to see the good in others and we want to think that we can change things, change another person, their perspective thus change the outcome with them but once we understand the only path we can change is our own we can be empowered to make right choices for self that will in fact lead to happy endings and new  beginnings! 
With love,