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Monday, January 31, 2011

Being Single on Valentine's Day

I posted this article last year but wanted to put it up front here since Valentine's Day is approaching. 

Valentines Day is approaching and for those who are single at this time or going through a break up it can be a very lonely time of year.

Red boxes of candy, flowers and teddy bears seem to stalk your every step.

Single on Valentine's Day
You are never more aware of the fact that you are alone.

Instead of being focused on this do something special for yourself because as the saying goes: You first have to love yourself before you can love anybody else! 

Try one of these ideas this year for Valentines Day! 

1. Treat yourself to a full body massage at a local spa! 

2. Have friends over for a romantic comedy movie night with your favorite drinks and snacks! 

3. Make a list of your strongest traits and make a list of the traits you want in a loved one and make a resolution to yourself about the kind of partner you want in your life.

4. Indulge in a makeover and a few new items for your wardrobe and go out! There is no need to sit at home alone! Go out feeling confident about your new look.

5. Take time to get closure on past relationships starting at the beginning. Write a short note to your past loves, even that grade school sweetheart that used to poke you in the back during class! You do not have to send them, just do it for yourself you may find patterns in the partners you have chosen and be able to make better choices in the future! 

6. If you really do love those heart shaped boxes of candy, teddy bears with tee shirts that say cute little things on them and all that Valentines jazz then by all means buy some for yourself! There is no shame in getting yourself something that says, “I love you”! I love to hit the shops right after the holiday has passed to get the best deals and I get twice as much as my friends who waited for someone to buy it for them! Besides I know I prefer the cream filled chocolates!

7. Make yourself a mixed CD of your favorite songs particularly songs not about love and romance! A good dance mix or fun lively music is best to lift your mood. 

8. Join a fruit, book or one of many “of the month clubs”. When you receive your monthly goodies you can have a reminder of where you were at in your life when you purchased it. This is a good way to affirm positive changes in your life when you are no longer single or to remind yourself that no one particular month is dedicated to love and romance but every month, every moment is a moment to appreciate and love yourself! 

9. Write a list of the GOOD things about being SINGLE! There are many positives to being on your own from being able to decorate anyway you choose, to being able to go out as late as you want with friends, to not having to worry if you look perfect all the time! Sure some of these things may be a stretch but it does help to showcase the positives no matter how silly they may be! You may give yourself a few good laughs writing the list! 

10. Remember it is only ONE day of the year! You are no less important because you do not have a special someone on this one day! As soon as the candy and stuffed bears are removed from the shelves the Easter baskets and colored grass will replace it and Valentines Day will be nothing more than a faded memory! Most all of the hooplah around Valentines Day is nothing more than a marketing ploy to boost sales for the flower markets and candy sales anyway! Laugh about it – laughter is always the best medicine!


The Anatomy of the Broken Heart

Almost all of us have had our heart broken a time or two.
We all go through the same stages of pain, anger, regret, resentment, and so on.
The questions go through our minds:
Why didn’t they love me as much as I loved them?
What could I have done different?
What did I do wrong?
Is there someone else?
Will they change their mind?
Do we have a chance still?
Do they miss me at all?
What are they doing now?
Do they have any regrets?
The list goes on and on.
Our human psyche drives us to ponder these questions and sometimes pondering can lead toward obsession over these questions.
While we may think that we loved them so much and would have done anything for that person what we are really showing is our own self absorption! 
Its a given - wether we want to accept it or not, that we are not suited for every person out there and sometimes it’s not us, it’s them.
While we are sitting there dissecting what went wrong, what we could have done different, or better, to hold onto this person we are becoming more and more about self and less and less about that person we supposedly love oh so much.
Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that we may be and most likely are allowing for that other person to validate us or give us our own perspective of self. 
Being rejected, or not given back the love we had tried to give is not the sum of our existence nor does it place our self value on us! 
A confident, self assured person will not allow for unrequited love to break us down to crying mess standing in a pile of our own goo! 
When love is not returned it can be a symptom of many problems in that other person or a symptom of many problems within ourselves or simply can be that the two people did not “click”.  It takes two to click by the way and just because you did does not mean the other person did no matter how much you may feel it to be so. 
Once the heart is broken there are different paths that one can take. 
One is to become obsessed with the WHY’S, the other is inner reflection, contemplation, finding the core issues, resolving them and then in a healthy way moving forward. 
This brings up a word that is totally over used, over rated, and completely in my list of least favorite words. That word is CLOSURE. Many of us have this incorrect idea that closure takes both people. While in the best case scenario that is a wonderful thing more often than not in the case of a break up it is not likely to happen. More often than not when I have someone I am working with in the obsessive path of a heart break, it is due to not getting the closure they need and insisting they need that other person to get it. 
Closure can come from many faucets of ourselves. We must take time to be still and look at the situation not through the lovey dovey eyes of a lovesick puppy dog thinking that this person was God’s gift to the earth but we must seriously consider their downfalls, our downfalls and how the two energies were like oil and water. We can love someone with all our hearts but not be healthy for them and vice versa! We may be on totally different paths in our lives, they may have duty to a previous family, or worse, one they are currently involved in such as a married lover etc. When someone stops wanting us in our lives that does not mean they stopped loving us necessarily, nor that they never did, although yes, sometimes that may be the case. 
True love does not mean we get to be with them. True love does not mean they can change their life path for us, nor should we for them. True love does not mean that the love should be returned even! This does not make us less lovable or less valuable as a person nor does it mean we will never love again! 
I often hear “I will never be able to love anyone else!” I like to change this statement to say “I will never be able to love anyone else the same way again.” 
No two loves are ever the same, you will never feel the exact same flutterings, the exact same butterflies, the exact same emotions. You WILL feel new ones, different ones, and different is not a bad thing! 
Just because the color of butterflies that come to your flower bed are different this year does not mean you cannot enjoy their beauty as much as the ones you saw last year! 
When you are going through a broken heart take time to heal. Step back away from the extreme emotions and ask yourself if you allowed this person to place a value on your love! Your love has a value unlike anyone else’s and you are deserving of that love to be returned equally! For whatever reason this person was unable to give back to you that does not mean that your love was worth nothing! Each person that comes into our lives phases us. And you phase each person you love in your life! You do not know what affect your love had on this person who was unable to give their love back! You may have healed them, helped them, encouraged them to grow in some way and THAT is the “value” of your love! Then ask yourself what YOU got from the experience other than a broken heart! Sure your hurting, and you miss them but you must be able to think of something positive this person gave to you, some lesson, some feeling, some hope, some idea, something positive that they provided you through the experience even though the experience as a whole did not work out the way you had wished. And no I will not accept I LOVE THEMMMMMM as your one positive thing! Love in and of itself should be positive - generally is - unless all you end up with is a broken heart and nothing more to say about the time you spent in this person’s life! If all you can say is I LOVEEE THEMMM and there is nothing more to add toward the positivity of the relationship and the time you did have with them then clearly you were in a relationship that would not have been positive had they returned the love equally to you! That is a clear and decisive way to see the relationship was NOT in fact a good one or meant to be no matter how you FEEL. 
There is so much more to a relationship then the love you feel for someone. There is like mindedness, there is common goals, there is similarity in the way you want to build your family, there are interests you share, there are conversations that take place that teach us things about ourselves about what drives us, what we want to focus on, what we can learn from the other person. These are the things that will leave us with a positivity after the relationship is over so we CAN in fact look back and realize that our love was not a waste, and that in a small way was returned even if not at the level we so desired, and if none of this took place then your LOVE was merely based on passion or desire, which is often confused for true LOVE. 
When all this can be looked at in a reasonable and rational manner, usually after a good few days or a week of crying and mourning, then we can see where we were valued and not completely rejected. Then we are on track for closure! 
Sure there are times we will be outright used, neglected and rejected. It does happen, sometimes we are completely unwitting to the fact is is going down, other times we go into something with blinders on even though we know there is no way this person truly could care just by the way they speak to us, treat us, but we allow it to continue. This article is not going to help much in that case because outright rejection is outright rejection - I would have to write another article for that situation. For the most part however, for those of you going through the process of a broken heart I suggest that you allow the mourning time for yourself. It is okay to be on a pity pot for a while. It is our human need to vent, cry, be angry, resentful, in pain, etc but at some point we must continue forward and when you are ready to do so try to step back and look at everything with a clear mind set. 
Stop blaming yourself or the other person entirely. Give credit where credit is due, realize both of your short comings, and do not allow an unrequited love to sum up your self worth! 
If you are dealing with a broken heart and truly ready to HEAL and not obsess about the person who could not love you back then instead of getting psychic readings talk to a counselor or get life coaching! Psychic readings only enable the individual to continue to focus on things such as:
Does he miss me? 
Is he thinking about me?
Will we get back together?
While a therapist or life coach can help you look at the dynamics of self and the other person to understand why things did not work in the way you had desired. 
They can help you find clarity and healing and work with you through the steps of mourning so you can come out of the relationship empowered, enlightened and the best you possible! This can also aid you in your next relationship. 
I am a life coach and a psychic reader so I have clients on both ends of the spectrum and there is validity in some of the questions listed above. Sometimes there is a chance of getting back with our ex. Some differences can be worked out, and sometimes misunderstands are the reason why someone left us or we left them, however if you are in a situation where you know its over and truly want to move forward but feel stuck then let me know and we can work on the closure you need! 
Azzrian Visions 


Second Rune Uruz

Uruz - Phonetic Value U - Traditional Meaning: Auroch, a wild ox. Long U sound when pronounced. 
Expanded Meaning: One’s untamed potential, strength, vitality, health, and energy. Shows courage, determination, as well as wisdom and fortitude. 
Has masculine symbolism, which may or may not indicate a male energy source but could be a female source with male drive. Sometimes this rune will forecast sudden changes in one’s path which is usually for the greater good. This rune can show potency and sexual desire. Overall this rune is about developing prowess and the forming of oneself. 
Rune Making Tip: When you create your runes you are not just carving them you are giving them life. While you carve the shape of the rune into the wood chant the name of the rune and give it breath along with its namesake and energy. 


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aquarius and Career

As an air sign Aquarians are excellent communicators and wish to unravel the mysteries of life. This makes them excellent candidates for careers in social fields of just about any kinds. However the Aquarius can become easily bored in careers they can too easily master and need change and challenge in order to feel fulfilled in their career path. 
An Aquarian should choose wisely before working toward a degree in any field and are usually better off if they study each area of interest before making a commitment to one area. Usually an Aquarian may wish to work in lower level areas of many fields before selecting one to become adept in. 
The younger Aquarian may want to try working in sales, radio, travel industry, hotel, waiting, bar-tending etc until they have a good idea what type of work suits them best and will challenge them for years to come. 
It is not uncommon for the Aquarian to change careers or direction in the college education one or more times before they settle in one area. 
Routine and being stuck in the same day to day circumstances can drive the typical Aquarian a bit batty so they need a job where change is imminent to keep them desiring to stay in one field. 
Some of the best career paths for Aquarius are:
CIA Agent
FBI Agent
Film Industry
Forensics Investigator
Public Relatoins
Radio Disc Jokey or Announcer
Social Worker
Steward or Stewardess 
Travel Agent
This is of course a short list only to give you ideas but also try to consider taking any two or more of the ideas above and mixing them to get more targeted ideas such as:
Travel Industry and Reporter - Travel Journalism would be an excellent career choice for the Aquarius as it allows the aquarian to be both the wander they love to be and uses their creative abilities as well.
Consider the ideas of Advocate and Social Worker - the Aquarian loves to help others and feel they are doing a civic duty. Being a court appointed special advocate for children or doing work for the elderly would be perfect for the Aquarius.
The Aquarian usually is so multi-dimensional that just ONE career path is not enough for them so by combining all of their skills they can really shine! 


Aquarius In Love

The aquarian individual needs plenty of space and freedom. They will not last long with a clingy or needy individual. They are lovers of mystery and need to explore. 
Aquarians can come off at times as aloof or cool but if you can tap into their inner complexities you will find someone who is truly unique and quite interesting! 
The aquarian may seem to wander at times and could leave a more fragile person feeling excluded. If you are a strong and independent person than you may be able to handle the Aquarian quirks, but if you are the sensitive type who is easily hurt or jealous then the Aquarian individual is not for you. 
Aquarians can tend to be wanderlust and need to go off in their own direction to make sense of their world quite often. They will take many paths and many tributaries along each path to unwrap and discover what is around the next bend. 
This can leave their mate feeling that they are simply a lost soul but quite to the contrary they are not lost them are simply on their own path of discovery. 
Aquarians are an Air sign and can be excellent communicators, quick thinkers, and change direction depending on which way the breeze is blowing. The Aquarian lover would prefer an interesting and unique partner over someone who is drop dead gorgeous. While I am not saying looks do not matter to the Aquarian they will in fact choose one who is interesting and can hold their intellectual attention over someone who worries more of the shallow dynamics. To hold the attention of an Aquarius one must have depth and be multi-dimensional. 
Aquarians are drawn to off-beat individuals rather than the traditional or conservative type. If you are quirky, off the hook, a little outrageous, but have a strong wit, humor or intelligence you can easily keep an Aquarius on his or her feet and that is exactly what they are looking for! Someone who can keep them intrigued and keep the mystery and discovery alive in a relationship. 
More needy types may questions their Aquarian lovers loyalty due to their innate need to roam, however the Aquarian like any other sign does have the ability to fall madly in love and when they do they tend to be extremely loyal even if the person they love are not good for them. 
Bear in mind, no two signs are exactly the same. Time and place of birth have an affect as well as upbringing, social placement, and other factors. As humans we are not cookie cut or made from a mold but if you can keep the above information in mind you will have a much easier time getting along with your Aquarian love match! 


First Rune - Fehu

Fehu -  Phonetic Value F - Traditional Meaning: Domestic Cattle, wealth. 
Expanded Meaning:   Income and possessions that have been earned or won.
Luck, abundance, financial stability, in the present or in the near future. 
Symbol of hope, happiness and success. 
Can also be a symbol of social standing and success or a sign of creation and fertility.
Casting this rune is typically never a negative thing.
Rune casting tip: Begin with a simple three rune spread. The three runes represent the past, present and future in respective order as you cast them. 
Sit facing the north when casting your runes - the direction of the Gods in Norse Mythology. 
Consider your bag of runes not as a magical mysterious bag of tricks but rather as your subconsciousness as a whole, as if carrying your intuition along with you. 
Unlike psychic readers, runecasters do not tell the future or give you a fortune, rather they see the systematic ways of cause and effect. Its ancient psychology. 


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Runes 101 - Part 1: Runes, What they are, How to Use Them and What They Mean.

There are many different sets of runes. There are the elder runes which were used in Northern Europe and the younger runes from Scandinavia. Runes are formally called Futhark. 
Runes are broken into three sections or groups each group consisting of eight symbols. 
This helps you remember their order and also lends to their magical uses.
Like in Tarot - runes may be read with “reversed” meanings, or not. That is up to the person interpreting the runes. There is varied opinion on this and disagreement. I however do not read reversed meanings because some of the rune symbols look the same regardless of how they are cast. For this reason it makes sense to me that there should not be reversed meanings. For those who choose to interpret reversed meanings remember that this does not make the meaning of said rune opposite - only that there would be a negative connotation to the meaning of said rune.

Check back for the first rune name and meaning! 


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Runes

I love doing rune readings. I was actually introduced to this later in my path and not by my great great grandmother as most of my abilities were learned. A Native American man actually introduced me to reading runes and I have been a fan of them ever since.
I can not say I do a lot of rune readings - they really are not that popular. I feel one of the reasons for this is because we wish for so much detail in our readings these days and the runes are actually very direct and basic. A rune reading generally will not be more than a couple paragraphs or several short sentences per rune. Granted anyone can spin a lot of info from a very limited amount of valid info by restating and re-wording however the runes are very perfect in their simplicity. They very much remind me of Buddhist sayings in their nature because you do not need a ton of verbiage to get the point across. 
I like this because our life paths should not always be completely interpreted by our psychic advisor but something should be left open sometimes to ponder, to consider and to give thought to. It is in our own mind we find most of our answers - the runes in this sense guide us but do not force us. Tarot is similar in this way as well but the runes simplify things even more than Tarot.

A good set of runes can be bought but traditionally one would want to make their own set of runes. I have never made my own set but want to do that this year. I would suggest if you are curious about the runes that you would purchase a set to start out with and learn the symbols, then later create a set of your own. LOL it has only taken me over 20 years to decide to do this myself! 
Runes should be made out of wood, preferably from a fruit bearing tree. Apple works well but many types of wood would suffice. Just be sure you are taking fallen branches and not cutting branches for your use. One must respect nature in order for nature to serve them well. 

I have reinvested my interest in the runes and will be doing a series of articles on runes, each stone and its meaning, how to make your own set of runes and anything that comes to my mind regarding them. I hope you enjoy the articles to come.



Monday, January 24, 2011

Spell Casting 101

Due to many who have shown an interest I am going to be conducting a group course session on spell casting.

The class is limited to five people.
I am also offering private sessions as well.
The first group session will be on Saturday February 19th. It will be composed of two sessions which will also include the following Saturday, February 26th.
Each Session will run from 3pm Central Standard Time to 5pm Central Standard Time. 
At the end of the session you will be given a certificate of completion.
Private Courses may be scheduled at a time that works for both yourself and my schedule. 
Spell Casting 101 will cover:
  1. Balancing your energy / preparing your energy for ritual work.
  2. Cleansing your energy / after casting focus.
  3. Casting a protective circle.
  4. Concentration of magical items.
  5. Basic Ritual Items.
  6. The Wiccan Rede.
  7. Prayers for ritual work.
  8. Writing an Intention.
  9. The Elements and using them in ritual work.
  10. Simple Spells for Life, Love, and Happiness.
I will also be offering Spell Casting 102 at a later time which will go deeper into ritual work, spells, and specialized forms of magic. You must complete Spell Casting 101 to participate.
Group Session 100.00 per person - limited to the first five to enroll.
Private Session - 400.00 
By the end of Spell Casting 101 you will know the proper way to channlen your energy and focus, how to stay balanced and cleansed in your energy for effective spell work, how to write a proper intention that harms none, how to concencrate your magical items and what items to keep on hand, how to protect yourself and your magical items, what you need for your ritual space, and how to properly cast basic spells for the following:
Spell Casting 102 will provide more challenging spell rituals. 
Included with your certificate will be a collection of my own personal rituals from my private Book of Shadows which has been in my family for hundreds of years. These are cherished and effective rituals unknown too all but those who are in the course.
If you would like to enroll simply use the paypal buttons on the Education page by clicking HERE for either group or private sessions.
All sessions will be conducted via yahoo chat in a conference room.
Please email me your Yahoo Chat name so you may be invited.
No refunds. 
I do understand sometimes things come up so if you are unable to attend you will be allowed half of your payment toward other services I offer unless I can fill your spot before the date of the class. 
You must attend BOTH days to be certified and receive my spells from my family Book of Shadows. 
No Transcripts will be provided so take notes! 
This is a class just like any course you would take in a college or elsewhere and you will be expected to take notes, pay attention and show respect to others. 
We will have plenty of Question and Answer time at the end of each session. 
With love, 
Azzrian Visions