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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Basic Tarot Card Meanings - The Sixes

The Sixes restore balance and harmony after the upset of the fives. 
While you may not have even seen the basic needs at the time the sixes make you aware of how easy of a fix is before you! 
Sometimes it was right in front of your face all along but you were too blindsided by the pervious havoc to take notice.
The sixes are about unity and recognition of a solution! 
To me the sixes are a reminder that everything truly does happen for a reason! 
The sixes in tarot make you very aware that sometimes the crud we must go through has its meanings in our lives and perhaps with out the fives the sixes would not be as sweet! 
While there is still work to do ahead of you the sixes in tarot show give us awareness and clarity and respect for the stability we need in our lives! 
Often times when the six comes up in your tarot spread there is this light bulb moment where the sky opens up! You can now see your pot of gold but be aware you still need to walk down the path to get to it! 

 Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter


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