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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tarot Number Cards - The Basics of the Twos

The two in any suit in the tarot deck are about direction, choices and intuitive knowledge. Related to the High Priestess, there is a feeling of needing to go one direction or the other, to make a choice, to come to a conclusion. Where the Aces were all about a clean slate, a new beginning, or a seed planted, the twos are about figuring out which direction to go.  

When a two comes up in a reading it can indicate that your querent is at a cross roads and is collecting information to make a decision on their path. This is also a time where more information can be collected in order to make that choice! 
Another thing that is good to know about the twos is that they are indicative of intuitive knowledge and this is a time to trust your gut on the decision making process. While it is always wise to use common sense and logic in all things it is wise when the twos come up to step back and listen to your gut instincts, and use your intuition! 
Depending on if you are looking at the two of wands, cups, swords or coins you could be facing a crossroads about romance, an argument you are having with someone, financial matters or something else! 
The main thing to remember when dealing with the twos is that some direction needs to be determined. Obviously the suit in which the two is in is important to tell you what type of choice need be made, but surrounding cards often help to determine which direction to go! 


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