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Monday, July 18, 2011

Tarot Number Cards - The Basics of the Threes

The threes for me are the tricker of the numbered cards to understand. The best way for me to explain it is to think of the pyramid with the three corners. At the top you have yourself, the decision maker, the one who has the options or choices before them. Beneath in one corner we have path A and in the other corner path B. Each path with its pros and cons. As we reflect on what we have learned about the twos - the fact finding number cards, we now face the threes, the phase in which we take that first step. 

Now, the idea behind the triangle and the threes is that we form a sense of balance in our path toward our goal. Whatever the twos indicated, whatever that decision we had to make during the twos phase, be it love, career, etc ... we now have the threes, which are telling us we have made the first step toward it, so we now must find a balanced path to succeed! 
The Empress card rules over the threes in tarot. The Empress is known in tarot as the creator! You see, you are, like the empress, creating your path toward your goals and it must be done with balance in order to find your success. This means while you are headed toward what you desire you must see both sides of things. As you “stand” at the top of your pyramid looking down at the two points on either side, remember, sometimes it is necessary to walk a strait line down the middle, while other times you path may lead more toward one direction or the other. The Empress, who rules the threes, being the creator that she is also is a caretaker who must nurture. 
Remember however although the Empress who rules over the threes is a motherly nurturing type there is only one letter difference between mother and smother! We must be patient! We must have that balance as mentioned many times here in order to reach our goals! Over worry, over nurturing, stressing, obsessing are all going too far toward the negative path! 
Isn’t that how life is though!? A bit of a twisting path but when we have a good balance and sense of control of that path we more easily arrive at our desired destination. 
With that said - the Threes in tarot are indicative of knowing the balance we must maintain and remembering to nurture ourselves and the goals we are striving to achieve without obsessing over them! 

Tarot Card - Three of Wands from Legacy of the Divine Tarot 


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