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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tarot Number Cards - The Basics of The Aces

The Ace in each suit is your alpha. It is the root source. It is unto itself without much meaning or direction however is an indicator for the other cards around it. 
With that said however consider the Ace as full of potential be that positive or negative! 
It may not have a ton of meaning but it has a ton of worth! 
The Ace is given more value and or credence depending upon the other cards in the layout. 

For example - the Ace of Coins or Pentacles may mean that your querent is considering a new venture in business, finances, or investing but is at a core level, just beginning or in a through processing phase. You will want to look at cards surrounding it in the lay out to determine if this is the case or if there is some new phase coming up in an already established business. Your querent very well may have a solid business or financial plan but perhaps they are thinking of branching out, adding to their established business or gaining a partnership. There could be many reasons for the ace of coins to show up in their spread but the idea behind the aces is a new beginning, a clean slate, a new idea, etc. 
Bearing in mind that this article is not specifically about the Ace of Pentacles / Coins in and of itself as there are other ways to read this card. This article is about the Aces as a whole. With that said Aces are an open book, the seed that is planted toward a goal, an idea, an awakening, a beginning, a start. 
Aces are a call to action! Aces are an inspiration! Aces are your guiding light and grounding source. The aces however need to be directed into something more for success! 
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