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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soul-Mates and Past-Lives and Karma, Oh My!

Soul Mates are a hot topic these days and an area I do specialize in. Past Lives are also another area of speciality for me which makes sense as the two go hand in hand. 
As a specialist in these areas it is my duty to educate others about it, how it works, and what it all means. 
It can be quite bewildering to many how to find a soul mate, how to know if someone is a soul mate and what makes a soul mate. 
I have written many articles here on my blog regarding the topic but one thing I have yet to address is how common some types of soul mates are and how rare other types are.
The number one question I am asked is the “when” question. “When will I meet my soul mate?” The answer is more often than not - You already have! That is because you are surrounded by them! What the querent really means is “When will I meet my life mate?” or “When will I meet my twin flame?” or “When will I meet my split soul?” The fact of the matter is we have so many types of soul mates and we naturally gravitate toward and focus on the love mates we wish to find. These types of soul mates are more rare, less frequent and obviously special because we all seek love in our lives on some level. 
While we all hope to have that once in a life time encounter at some point in our lives what I want to focus on today has more to do with the every day soul mates around us because they are also very important to our soul growth and development! 
What if you had the ability to recognize every single soul mate that came across your path? While you may think that it would be really cool but consider for a moment how taxing life can be with the every day ins and outs of life in general. From work, to family life, to finances, to car repairs, household expenses etc. Not to mention duty and obligation, responsibility and communication with family and friends and co-workers. If you had the ability to recognize a soul mate passing you by on the street - what would you do? 
I was in the car with my husband last week in another town and a 20 something man was walking by in a parking lot. I saw him and I knew he was a soul mate. He also looked directly at me and I could see a “knowing” in his eyes but it had this huge question mark in them as well. This is a regular occurrence for me to identify soul mates. My initial reaction was a thought wave, almost as if trying to communicate with him telepathically. Its a gut reaction, one which is difficult to control but as soon as it happens I pull it back, not because I am assuming this soul mate is going to actually get my brain wave transmission, but because I know that just because he is a soul mate does not mean we are supposed to meet in this life!
This is what I call a Brush-By soul mate. Those who happen to also be in the same life time as myself but who are not supposed to come into direct contact with me. I view these occurrences as a blessing to remind me of my souls journey, path, and that assurance that all souls will meet again when it is meant to be. 
We have to understand that we travel in soul groups and some of our soul mates will have a direct impact in our lives, some we will impact their lives, some will be life time friends, while some have only a small passing role in our lives, while some we will never even exchange words with and still some we will never even lay eyes on! Not all soul mates are here for us they simply are soul we have shared past lives with and will share future lifetimes with on some level. 
If you could in fact identify every single soul mate in a life time I believe most of us would be perplexed trying to find meaning behind each and every one and lets face it - at times its hard enough to find meaning in the things we already have in our life paths! 
Now I am not saying I recognize every single soul mate out there for me, and I am thankful for that but due to my life’s work I am more inclined to recognize them than most people and it can be quite taxing. There are times I so wish I could walk up to one and say “Hey, you don’t know me but...” lol ... could you imagine the kind of looks I would get? :)
It’s also a hard thing to get one’s mind around that these souls walk around in all genders and ages! Your lover in a past life may be walking around in this one a 10 year old girl! Its NOT okay obviously for anyone with a logical and sane mind to want to be with a child romantically - thats just sick and twisted - but in a past life the two of you very much could have been of same age and in love. Getting one’s mind around these things is difficult and learning how to reconcile these things is even more challenging! 
When its time for you to meet a life mate, or twin flame, it will happen. Nothing you do in your life path will change or block that as all things happen that should happen. The choices you make may change how the path twists, turns, and winds about but what is destined to be will be. Yes free will does come heavily into play once you meet someone, anyone, soul mate or not. You can shift the direction of things immensely with your moods, attitudes, words, and actions or lack of actions but if you are destined to meet a soul mate you will. Its wether you end up being with that soul mate that can change. 
The point of this article is to give some base information on types of soul mates but more so to bring your focus toward the more common every day soul mates that cycle through your lives and to point out that soul mates exist on many levels in many fashions around you. While we want so much to focus on “the one” by giving more credence to the soul mates already within your life path, those who are touching your life and affecting your daily existence you will manifest the more deeply connected, more spiritually bound soul mates into your path! 
Its logical, if you don’t dust the shelf your nicknacks sit on, your nicknacks will too become dusty. If you do not fill your car with gas and change the oil or top it off now and then, it will stop running. You have to keep your daily soul connections clean and tidy and maintained for the more meaningful explorations to take place. It is difficult to enjoy the view of your keep sakes when they are covered in dust and difficult to take that cross country road trip in a beaten down vehicle. By enjoying and benefiting from the soul mates within your life path now, those who may challenge you or teach you or share joys and pains with you, those who may be nurses, friends, co-workers, teachers, etc you develop your soul, opening up a window for deeper connections just waiting for you to arrive, both physically and spiritually to a plane of existence where the changes for a real bond, a life long connection can be forged! 
Often times we meet these deeply rooted and connected soul mates far too soon in our life paths, either before they or we ourselves are ready for the impact of such a connection. Timing is everything and when we meet one of these life mates before good time we find that the connection is more confusing, more difficult, more obscured. This leaves us to feel disenchanted with our soul mate experience, or worried that we have not found the lesson, the meaning, the reason behind meeting them. All too often we then struggle for closure with the soul mate and end up spiraling downward trying to reconnect with them. 
I cannot promise that by taking good care of and maintaing every day soul mate connections in your life path now that the next life time soul mate you meet will go perfectly or even smoothly. Some of our soul mates are in fact here to stir the pot or cause difficulty in our lives! That is what life is about - challenge, learning, over coming adversity and of course the joys in doing so brings! Sometimes our soul mates are just big pains in the ass! lol - However by being immersed in your NOW life and your daily soul mate connections you will find that your life as a whole is more enriched, the lessons come faster and easier and you will get toward your destiny sooner! By being fully involved in the now, the common soul mates within our lives, we will find our karma more positively effected as well. We will find that struggles become less, challenge easier to over come and unity, peace and harmony within our reach! We find that through working within the rules of the universe and manifesting positive actions in the now we create and manifest positive karmic results with all soul mates and bring about the life mates to a more harmonious accord with our own energy! 
The moral of the story is - soul mates are everywhere even when your not looking, focus on the ones in front of you right now - those people who bring joy and harmony, troubles and challenge, focus on your life right now in this moment, this day, and take actions toward learning what you can from the now - your karma will increase in a positive way, your destiny will unfold and your romantic soul mate will come.



  1. This is one excellent article! For anyone who is reading it and reading my comment here, Azz has helped me gain a level of understanding with an intense soul mate, that without her I'd never have found this level of understanding. She is truly gifted in this area AND past life regressions, and much more!
    Thank you, Azz, for writing this article.

  2. :) too sweet and thank you !!! xox

  3. This was a beautiful article. you are very enlightened soul,Azz. what i gleaned from this article, the main pt was living in the now. that is sometimes so hard to do, actually very hard. our minds keep moving to the next momment before enjoying this momment. actually when i do that, i always feel happy but i forget a lot to do that. About soulmates or twinflames, yes i agree that we put much so effort that sometimes we leave the real ones helping us behind or dont give them their due. i shall remember that. you are very clear. ;) xoxoo

  4. Thank you Jan! :)
    Hey I forget too at times - I think your doing an excellent job on your path!

  5. Azz is so gifted on past-life regression! Azz did a few past-life readings for me and i can honestly say she helped me to re-fresh my memory of these lives and i can now see like photo shoots of these life-times, this is absolutely amazing for me! try this and you may also suddenly re-gain memory of a past-life! :) x

  6. Thank you Theresa!! I am so happy they have resonated with you! You are such a great student AND teacher! Love to you!


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