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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On Reading Tarot

Tarot as a rule is something one must work with, study and experience to fully grasp.

Like learning a foreign language the cards take on a life of their own. Each deck will teach you something different and new. Each card will invoke its own special meaning to each person reading them. While every suit and every card, be it major or minor arcana, has its own meaning these meanings are left open to the interpretation of the person handling them, or reading them.
When someone asks me to teach them how to read tarot the very first lesson I give to them is to go through each and every card in their deck and take notes on what each card says to them. I tell them to set aside any book, or guide that came with their deck and not to reference it at all in this stage. I want the person who is going to be using this deck to get their own feel for each card first.
I ask them to write down what the card makes them think of, makes them feel, what the images say to them, what they imagine the story of the card to be and also to note any images of their own they receive from their own guides. 
It is very important we become intimate with each and every deck we plan to work with especially if we intend to give tarot readings to others. 
As for learning card meanings, yes it is important to know what each card stands for, along with how they are influenced by the layout, and the cards surrounding it but what is more important is to learn how to fit all the cards together into something that has true value and meaning to the person they are reading for. The cards have a story to tell and it is up to the reader to hear the cards speak to and through them to gather their true lessons and pass those lessons on to the querent! 
I still to this day am both humored and bothered by a client on Liveperson who left me a terrible review of a tarot card reading I had done for them. They stated that they only knew the basic meanings of the cards and that clearly I did not understand tarot based on my reading. What bothered me about this review, aside from it being a bad review, was that the client admittedly did not know much about tarot but furthermore did not understand that Tarot, like language, is not absent of interpretation, and most of the time it is within the interpretation itself that many of our most valued messages are received! 
The reason I bring this to light is because Tarot is often the gateway “drug” toward further spiritual understanding. Tarot is often the first tool used by people interested in developing their psychic abilities and I want to make it clear to anyone embarking upon learning tarot not to give up - its not going to be easy to master and there is a lot of memorization involved but what is more important than learning the exact written meaning of each and every card is to let the cards speak to you and through you! The rest will come in time with a little patience. 

Tarot Cards Pictured Above From The Fey Tarot



  1. This is a great post. I always tell people to just look a at the pictures and how they all connect together. When i was little my mom use to lay them all out on the bed and ask me, "What story do you see? tell me what the characters are doing." I use to love that game. I had no concept of layouts or spreads or any of that... they were just magical pictures that told stories... and how truly powerful that turned out to be.

    The cards are like you said a gateway... they are doors really that when opened and accepted bring in a new sense of awareness and energy. When I was younger and I wanted to learn to sense energy better I use to shuffle the cards and lay them out... without ever flipping them over to reveal the cards I would do a reading. I would touch each card one by one and allow images, words, feelings and whatever else to come to me... for that card alone. After I went through every card and did the reading "blind", I would then flip them over.

    I think that the cards are magical in so many ways, but they don't have to be some esoteric mystery. They can be straight forward, they can be symbolic. The cards can speak the language of anyone, and they will find a way to speak to you if you let them.

    Great advice you have given... thank you :)


  2. Shaheen - thank you for your insights ! I have also subscribed to your blog and encourage others to do so as well! Very good information there! Lovely to meet you and hope to have contact in the future!

  3. Azz. Thank you so much. I appreciate your support and sharing. I have your blog saved in my side bar so I get updates every time you post :) ...great insight as well. Please keep in touch. Cant wait to read more!



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