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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Basic Tarot Card Meanings - The Fours

The fours in tarot are about stability and firm rooting. Whatever was planned has passed its initial stages and now has taken shape. Be that a new romance, a business, an investment, travel plans, etc. You have passed the stages of concept and planning and have already taken that first step, and are now in a place you can stop and take stock of what has been accomplished.
This stage can bring you to realize your efforts were worthwhile or that you need to stop and accept defeat or make drastic change. Whatever foundation you have built upon should be shown now to be true and steadfast or needs some serious tweaking. In other words you should have some results from previous actions be they positive or negative.
The Emperor is associated with the fours in Tarot and the Emperor stands for, in short, stability, but we cannot take for granted that it means we are stable, but rather to do a self check and assessment to discover if we truly are, or not. 
If so then we can proceed and if not we must choose to end the path or to make changes to see it further! 
The fours like in all the other number cards will tell you what this message is in regard to  by the suit it is in. 

Tarot Card from Whimsical Tarot



  1. Thank you. Easy to follow.

  2. Thank you for your feedback! I will be continuing the theme soon - just spent the last week getting the new links to all articles page up so now I can get back to the tarot blogging :)


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