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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Law of Attraction: The “I Am” Versus the “I Will Be” Mentality

One of the simplest ways to put the Law of Attraction / Manifestation into daily practice is pay attention to how you speak and think. 
If your dreams are to be a published novelist, instead of saying “I will be a published author” say “I am an excellent writer.” 
If your goal is to run a successful pawn shop instead of saying “I want my pawn shop to be successful” say “I have a very successful pawn shop.”
No one wants to get on a bandwagon that is headed to the seedy part of town! People are attracted to successful, sharp thinking and exciting people! When you present yourself as someone who is up and coming or better yet, arrived, you will find others flock to you and you will be in the limelight you desire to be in! 
Don’t sell yourself short, because if you do not believe in what you have to offer, why should anyone else? Don’t be the little guy begging for crumbs from others or hand outs, be the person others want to be like themselves! 
Present yourself as an authority on what it is you have a passion for! That does not mean you have to be a know it all nor act like one as you can always show excitement for what others ask of you and let them know you will get back to them with the info they seek once you do some research of your own. However, don’t short change yourself in your area of knowledge or your ability! Show your best at all times and keep your frustrations close to you showing them only to those you know you can trust. Venting your fears about your ability to succeed to those you need and want to impress is a downward spiral! Lack of self awareness, esteem and confidence is your worst enemy! 
When you believe in yourself others will believe in you too and while I realize that is very basic every day advice you have all heard before be sure you don’t just tell yourself that with the quiet little voice inside your head but live it out loud! 
If your dream is to build the best muscle car ever known to man but you lack the materials and funds to do so instead of scrounging around for spare parts put your best foot forward and let everyone you speak to know about your ambitions! Make it a huge project and gain awareness and interest of like minded people! You will find people love to hitch their wagon to a star and enjoy helping others with their dreams because for all you know they have the same dream as you do! They will also admire your gusto and commitment as well as your belief that you WILL make it happen! You will find that soon people will be asking to help you make your dreams a reality! 
It may seem a little inappropriate or even slightly cocky starting out with this new attitude and some people may even think your a little “out there” but the people who really matter and can catapult you toward your dreams and goals will not find you to be over zealous at all and will understand true greatness comes from a core belief that you are in fact “all that!”



  1. Loved this article Azz! :) You are so right on everything you wrote...we just need someone like you :) to give us a good swift kick in the fanny to get us going in that direction! Thank you Azz!!

  2. Awee thanks lovely lady! I appreciate the comment! I have to remind myself to give myself those kicks too : )


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