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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sun-Sign Generalities That Are Generally True: Water Signs

This is a continuation of a previously posted article where I am outlining character traits of sun signs based on their element. While every one is an individual and no two signs are just alike there are some resounding traits that are common. This article examines these traits. The water signs are:
Water signs are ruled by their emotions and deep sensitivities. While not all three signs react the exact same way to deep emotion they all feel on a level much deeper than the rest of us at times. Cancer struggles with jealousies and being clingy, while Scorpio reacts more outwardly with their jealousy and can become angered, and Pisces is more of an escapist internalizing their emotions and going off on their own. Regardless of the differences in how they process their emotions they all have a deeply connected core root to their emotions and a need for self examination as well. 
All three water signs are known to be very emotional and are more likely than other signs to develop toward obsessive behaviors  be that outwardly toward others or internally going into a hermit mode. 
Another similarity of the water signs is their passion and sensitivity toward others! Pisces is very sensitive and emotionally all about what their loved one likes and desires, while Cancer is imaginative and creative in the bedroom and very in tune with their partners needs, Scorpio is another sign that is great in the bedroom but they tend to go more toward steamy passion than TLC. Its not just in the bedroom though that the water signs passion comes into light! Pisces can show great compassion for others through charity work and humanitarian ventures, Scorpio attacks the things they have a passion for by being bold and forceful and getting the job done and are determined to make their mark on the world we live in, and Cancer tend to go more toward political concerns and equality for all! 
Scorpio, like water can be smooth and placid but if the balance of their energy is upset you will want to brace for the tidal wave to come! 
Pisces are more adapt to the calmer waters wanting to avoid conflict but they too can unleash a typhoon if their need for inner retreat is not respected! Cancer is more moody like a thunderstorm if upset, brooding with a dark cloud over head that will shift the moods of those around them! 

Water signs prefer to have meaningful relationships in their lives and do not collect random friends by habit. They are structured individuals who always check the subtle nuances and while they do not like to over analyze things they will do a quick check on intellectual and logical situations but more often than not they always go with their “gut” feeling on things when making decisions. The are known as the “feelers” of the Zodiac and have a keen intuition and that “just know” ability! They are often involved in spiritual pursuits! 
Water signs also adore beauty and love to have nice surroundings! They tend to be interested in arts, literature, and music. They tend to keep their homes in wonderful condition both inside and out but focus a lot on decor and are willing to spare their money for the “finer” things. 


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