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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sun-Sign Generalities That Are Generally True: Fire Signs

To continue on the original article here: Sun-Sign Generalities That Are Generally True: Air Signs which everyone should read for the introduction to this series of articles...we now discuss the Fire Signs which are: 

Passionate, Exciting, always ready to do something fun and take a bite out of life is your basic fire sign! Easy going energy that is vibrant and illuminating with that “light up the room” personality and smile! Usually good looking individuals who take good care of themselves physically and who like to dress to impress the Fire sign can make you feel warm all over with their exuberant warmth but they also like to be in the lime light and do not like competition for attention with their friends or love mates! 
A Fire Sign individual can have these great ideas come to their minds suddenly and they want to express them and discuss them and they want you to be as interested in these ideas as they are! They go on their whims and instincts and do not always have the best plans for action for their ideas but their charm can usually get them out of hot water in a heart beat if their plans seem to be about to fall through. 
Your typical Fire Sign will usually go with whatever sounds the best at the time, which means making plans with them or setting a schedule with them can be difficult! If something better comes along on a moment’s notice they are very likely to change the course before you even have time to blink an eye so you must be flexible and understand you will not always be able to be their center of their focus! If you are not keeping up with them and even sparking their enthusiasm now  and then they may leave you in the dust! 
Fire Signs generally are loyal and loving people who can be quite easily hurt by those they care about which is for a lot of us difficult to imagine since they can be so aloof and seemingly detached from how they can make us feel! Be careful not to break the Fire Sign’s heart as they can be relentless and unforgiving! 
Fire Signs can provide an exciting life to those who desire such and while they do like to be on the go quite often do appreciate a beautiful home and look at it as their retreat, their castle, their kingdom. They will spend time fixing things up, taking care of the lawn, decorating and making sure that their surroundings are comfortable and beautiful for themselves and the one they love. They are great entertainers and enjoy making sure everyone is comfortable in their company. 
Fire Sign people are wonderful when they feel they are being watched and adored and will give back as much as they get from their friends and loved ones so as long as they get what they need from you then you are sure to get what you need from them.

Photo By: Rossi - thank you! 


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