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Monday, May 2, 2011

Sun-Sign Generalities That Are Generally True: Air Signs

So I do not really care for generalizing things and every person is an individual. Even people born on the exact same day can have differences in their character and personality due to time and place of birth. Lets also not forget that the culture in which we live, how we are raised, educated, our DNA and many other elements also play a part into who we become. 

However there are some very common similarities when it comes to sun-signs and the element under which we are born.
This series will look at the four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire signs, and their general character traits that more often than not ring true.
Lets start with the Air Signs: 
Air signs are quick thinkers with a keen intellect. They are great communicators and generally have a witty sense of humor. They strive for independence in their work life and do not always do well with authority. Air signs are creative and lofty - always with a new way of looking at something, a new idea or a fresh perspective. They tend to be aloof however and even come off as cold in romance at times. Air signs do usually love to spend money and will do so to impress others or gain attention. Generally social creatures air sings usually draw people toward them without even trying and have a large network of friends. Air signs want to be the best at whatever it is they do although they can change their minds on a whim about what it is they are working toward. They need a lot of challenge, they need to be mentally entertained in their career path and they need to feel as if they have a chance for something “better” or “bigger” up ahead! 

They have a hard time being in just the “now” and are always looking for something more be that in romance or work life. 

Generally speaking of course air signs have a love, no not just a love, but a need for freedom. They cannot be tied to conventional lifestyles any more than they will be tied to conventional thinking! They are on the edge people who come up with great plans, great ideas and even great schemes and can be powerhouses in business but due to their other general personality trait of lacking follow through or becoming bored easily they do not always meet their goals! Yes air signs do become bored easily especially if what they are involved in no longer presents a challenge! 

Air signs need a fast paced life and are not known for being patient people. They think outside of the box and can be quarrelsome at times although generally very optimistic - half glass full type of people, however if they feel caged can become very despondent and depressed. Usually amazing lovers, passionate and giving in bed, although not so much in daily things. Now don’t get me wrong, Libra has a great sense of justice and balance, Aquarius are disciplined and responsible and Gemini would help you bury a body and do anything for a true friend! Everyone IS in fact very different but if you have just met an air sign these are the traits you will most likely notice first and from there you can dig a little deeper before you decide if they are going to be a benefit or detriment to your life. 



  1. That is so true, it infact comes quite close to something very much similar that I read in one of Linda Goodman's book. Nice read though, thanks :)


  2. Thank you very much I grew up on her books! These are of course GENERALITIES be sure to research more detailed info too.


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