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Saturday, May 7, 2011

On Being A Mother

Perhaps you have one child or many. Perhaps you have never given birth but made your home open to children in need, adopted, or are a step parent. Perhaps your child is the neighbor kid who needs a good meal or a new pair of shoes. Perhaps your a mother to a stray animal or a neglected pet. Your method of mothering may be for an adult who has had a hard life and a poor upbringing. Maybe you are a big sister or a foster parent. Whatever your course of “mothering” be proud and take this time to give yourself acknowledgment for the mothering you do! 
Being a mother is not just giving birth, it is nurturing, loving, and listening! 
This is for all the mothers out there who give of themselves today and every day that they can for those who simply need someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on and a source of support and kindness! 
Do something kind for yourself on this day, a long bubble bath, some fresh flowers, read a book in your favorite spot, whatever you feel gives you that little lift you deserve because you do deserve it! 
With Love, 


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