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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Can You Expect from a Rune Reading?

As you know if you follow my blog regularly, I have been doing an ongoing theme on Runes. Each article discusses a different rune and its meaning, but what IS a rune reading? What can you expect from one and how can it help you?

I do a traditional three stone casting when I do a rune reading. There are many different layouts, just as with Tarot, and you can always request a specific layout or inquire about them. When I do the three “stone” casting the three runes pulled represent Past, Present, and Future.
Why do you need a rune pulled for past or present you may wonder, After all the past is something you already know about and the present is ... well the present. The reason for casting these stones is to look at the whole when we put all three runes together in one picture. It is like taking three snap shots and placing them together into a panoramic view. 
We may be in the present, however our past is our building block to how we arrived where we are and what we do in the present will influence the future so we cannot simply say the past is in the past nor can we believe that what we are doing in the now is not going to make the future different. 
If you think of the three runes as stepping stones, as if they were in your landscape in your yard or garden, we first look at those stepping stones, one by one, then we combine them to get a clearer view of the overall picture as if taken from over head. 
When you get a rune reading try to keep your query as specific as possible. Ask for a focus on career, or love, or health, or whatever it is in the overall view you would like to know, however try not to ask detailed specific questions as this is not truly conducive to a rune reading. A rune reading is not to give you pin pointed answers but to help guide you on your journey, yet still allowing for your life to BE a journey as it is meant to be! 
As an added bonus I am offering those who read this article and find this little tidbit here a half price rune reading offer! Regularly 50.00 you can get your rune reading today for only 25.00! 
I enjoy rune readings and hope everyone will give one a try which is why I am offering this special discount! 
Rune readings can help guide you toward clarity, a decision, a choice, letting go of anything holding you back and so much more but the way in which the reading is delivered makes you have to stop, step back and really look at where you have been, where you are and where you are headed! Unlike a regular psychic reading where you are told point blank what is and what will be a rune reading makes you step in and do some thinking too which is wonderful as we don’t want to simply be passive in our spiritual development! I feel everyone should have a rune or even a tarot reading now and then just to keep yourself connected to yourself! Psychic readings are in fact what I do most often and are a to the point and cut to the chase way of seeking clarity but rune readings get YOU involved in your own process! 

Please consider a rune reading the next time you are thinking about a psychic reading! 
Love to you 


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