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Friday, April 22, 2011

Twenty-Third Rune Dagaz

Dagaz - Phonetic Value - D - Pronounced “thaw-guaze” 
Traditional Meaning: Day or Dawn
Expanded Meaning: Dagaz is the breakthrough rune - it is where opposing factions meet in the middle, the night meets the day, the good meets evil and all things come together. 
Dagaz is where you can come to terms with your own uncertainty, your own mortality and realize that there are two sides to everything. Things become clear and make more sense to you now but you may need to accept that there is a balance in all things.

Dagaz is a transformation but it may not be what you expected it to be. Dagaz is a reminder that things may not always be what you wanted or expected them to be but that does not mean they can’t be glorious, just different! Different is not always a negative thing! 
Dagaz is about change through your own power and use of will. Dagaz is hope and happiness, the ideal! 
To me, this is the Alchemists Rune as it is a rune of transmutation. It is reinventing oneself completely not just making slight or subtle change! 
We are handed only a few pivotal turning points in a lifetime - this is one of them - it may require you to take a huge leap of faith but the results will be extremely positive - this rune reveals your true warrior nature! 


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