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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Twenty-Second Rune Ingwaz

Ingwaz - Phonetic Value - NG  Pronounced "eeeng-wawz"
Traditional Meaning: Earth God
Expanded Meaning: Male Fertility, Internal Growth.
Ingwaz is both a masculine and feminine rune that represents common sense, simple strengths, virtue, family, home, warmth, gestation, loving spirit, human sexuality and retreat. 
This rune embodies all that one may strive for in life. A loving caring family that is there for them through the hard times. A home to have as a sanctuary from stress. 
Warmth and loving people around you. This rune is in effect all things good. 
When this rune is cast it is a sign that retreat is to come, or a union is to be made, or a conception may occur. This rune may represent repressed desires as well. 
In a career reading Ingwaz can show favorable results for an interview or job advancement! 
Ingwaz is a good rune to have in any reading and is a sign of a positive outcome and happiness.
Rune Tip: This rune can be used in ritual magick for sexual love and conception. 



  1. A couple of times recently, I have seen a yellow, diamond shaped light appear on the ceiling as I lay on my bed. When I turned my head and looked back each time it was gone. I can't see any evidence that is was a reflection of something in the room or outside the window. Could this have some sort of meaning?

  2. Hi :) Not sure without speaking with you more but you may want to check this article here and see if this is any assistance :)


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