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Monday, April 25, 2011

Twenty-Fourth Rune Othala

Othala - Phonetic Value - O - Pronounced “oath-awe-law”
Traditional Meaning: Ancestral or Inherited Property
Expanded Meaning: Othala deals with one’s birth right or possessions that have been handed down to them. Often this rune is viewed as property alone but often it can mean knowledge that has been passed down through generations as well. The perspective on if this is related to items or knowledge would be up to the individual and where they place value! 
Ancestral property and or knowledge, values, and spiritual belief systems can all be passed down or given to our children and our children’s children we can also receive them. Sometimes we may feel the need to fight acceptance of what is rightfully ours. 
Othala appearing in your rune casting is showing you that what is yours is rightfully yours for the taking or the enjoyment thereof. One must stop asking one’s rightful place and allow oneself to become attuned to it. 


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