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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Twenty-First Rune Laguz

Laguz - Phonetic Value L - Pronounced  “law-gooze”
Traditional Meaning: Water
Expanded Meaning: Life Force, renewal and healing. A source of fertility, water, sea, ebb and tide, a flow. Laguz is a feminine rune so if you are the querent and male, this could represent an important female in your life. However it is important to keep in mind all of us regardless of gender have both male and female influences in our energy! 
Laguz represents dreams, fantasies, the imagination and creativity. It is about the mysteries of the unknown and spiritual matters. Laguz can be a time of revelation and a new sense of understanding of things hidden deep beneath the surface. 
When Laguz presents itself in a casting it can symbolize things once unknown coming into the light.   
Laguz often shows up in a reading to tell you to “go with the flow” and that the ebb and tide are in your favor! 
Rune Tip: Laguz can also symbolize travel or an acquisition on some occasions however be cautious as there is a potential for loss as well. If you have travel planned then be extra careful in checking baggage, making arrangements on getting to your destination, checking flights or connections etc... if you are in the process of making travel plans it may be best to put them off for a little bit if you can. 


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