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Friday, April 15, 2011

Twentieth Rune Mannaz

Mannaz - Phonetic Value M - Pronounced "mawn-nawz"
Traditional Meaning: Man or Mankind
Expanded Meaning: You, yourself or mankind as a whole. Perspective on others and your attitude toward others. 
Mannaz also represents other’s attitudes toward you as well.
Mannaz in today’s society can deal with anything from social structure, your place or role in society, your country, city or even workplace. It can represent things going on around you and your view on them from something as detailed as political issues to something as simple as social networking! 
More so Mannaz deals with your awareness of your role in society, how you influence things and people around you and the skills you posses to create change. 
Mannaz is about forethought, intellect and the ability to create positive influence around you. 
One must acknowledge karma but as long as you have been using positive energy and skill and putting that outward into your social framework you can expect some form of corporation or aid at this time in something you pursue! 
If you have been putting out negative forces you can expect nothing or the negative you have put forward! 


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