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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taurus in Love

Taurus April 21 - May 21
Taureans are very dutiful and loyal lovers but they like to be sure that the love they share with another is built on a solid foundation. The Taurus will prefer to take thing slow at first and get to know their potential life mate on all levels before making a lifetime commitment. 
Sensible and practical, the Taurean may not be the most demonstrative lover when it comes to showering you with gifts of affection, however when they do splurge on a gift for you it will be top notch! 
Taureans are strong willed people who speak their minds and in a love mate they need someone who is equally strong and can accept hearing the truth about matters, even matters of the heart. While they may be forthright they are deeply sensitive individuals who are looking for a lifetime connection with someone that feels as much as a partnership with a best friend as a connection with a lover. With that said the Taurus does not lack passion in the bedroom! 
Taurus is an earth sign which means stability in all areas of their life from family to career and they like to know their choices are based on reality and logic before emotion yet once they feel they can trust their judgement in a love connection they will show the full depth of their passion! 
The Taurean enjoys quiet nights at home, family and the feeling of unity. While they are not opposed to going out and having a night on the town now and then you will find your Taurus lover prefers to cuddle up at home to a good movie or sharing a book with you. Don’t expect the Taurus to want to live it up every night as this is not their style.
To sum up the Taurean mind set they would say: “I am here to make plans and build a very successful life. I find pleasure in the reality of things and do not tend to day dream! I like facts and desire to have sublime happiness in having a strong purpose.”
A Taurus love mate needs to know they have their own personal path set before they can be truly happy in a long term romantic union. You should be warned that rushing the Taurus into marriage or a commitment before they personally feel ready is a big mistake! Your Taurus love mate needs to feel they have a future plan of action that is reality based before they can feel they are ready for marriage and family! Career and finances are ultimately important to the Taurus and if they tell you that they are concerned about work, finances, and future that is a sure sign to allow them the time and space they need to solidify their own path before including you! This is the time you must ask yourself if you can wait for them or if you need to move onto someone who is ready right now for what you desire! Taurus are stubborn and strong willed people, pushing them for what you want before they are ready is a mixture for doom! 
Once the Taurus is ready for long term commitment they are sure to let you know what they want. They are not secretive people nor do they pull punches when it comes to telling it how it is! 
If your Taurus love mate is ready to take the next step with you then be sure that you also have what it takes to be with them as well! A strong love of home and family, a desire to nest and make your home beautiful, a desire for the finer things in life and the willingness to save for those finer things and not splurge on insignificant items. A mind for finances and stability in income is key. A close knit family unity and love for being at home. You must be a steadfast and loyal partner! The Taurus will not stand for infidelity and are very loyal themselves! 
As for you Taurus if you are reading this for yourself be sure to look for the above qualities in a love mate! 
 These are key components to your overall happiness! 


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