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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spleen Chakra

Your Spleen Chakra is located below your navel and is associated with the color orange. 
The spleen chakra deals with intimacy related issues and emotion. It can enable or disable us if out of balance from being able to feel and can block us from being sociable and in relationships with others. It is important to keep the spleen chakra in balance so that we can have loving and fulfilling relationships with everyone in our lives from partners, children, family, friends and co-workers and even our society as a whole. 
Some people have a very unbalanced spleen chakra and can become hermits, social outcasts and even have psychological problems. 
The spleen chakra controls emotional balance, mental awareness, depression, alcohol and drug related abuses. The spleen chakra also controls urinary tract infections, impotency, lower back problems, asthma and allergies. 
Stimulants for the spleen include hot aromatic baths, bath salts, water exercise, embracing sensations especially related to taste touch and smell. Decorate your surroundings with orange colors, wear orange clothing, eat orange food and drink orange drinks! Orange essential oils: Blood Orange, Sweet Orange, Bitter Orange, Melissa, Neroli and the like can help bring about harmony and balance. 


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