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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sixteenth Rune Sowilo

Sowilo - Phonentic Value S - Pronounced sow-wee-low
Traditional Meaning: The Sun
Expanded Meaning: This rune is about personal connection between one’s higher self and their unconsciousness. Sowilo is about a time in your life when you will feel your inner power is available to make positive changes in your life! This rune shows great victory and success! Sowlio means health, goals achieved, power, and honor! 
Sowilo may present itself in times where you have reached a level of enlightenment where you now understand why stress and strife play a role in your life, in your past and now you can move forward and make the outward changes necessary for your best outcome! 
Most importantly this rune is about wholeness - it is about goals achieved without stepping on others, without malice but with a clean and clear conscious. 


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