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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seventeenth Rune Tiwaz

Tiwaz - Phonetic Value T - Pronounced tea-wawz
Traditional Meaning: Sky God, Tyr
Expanded Meaning: Tiwaz is the warrior’s rune named after the norse god of law and justice, Tyr. This rune represents knowing where one’s true abilities and strengths lie and a willingness for self sacrifice when needed. When this rune presents it is good to stop and analyze your situation and use your rational mind before jumping to conclusions. 
When this rune is cast it can be a sign of a need to stand firm by your beliefs as they will be challenged. A need for courage in the face of opposition. It is time to use all your collective wisdom and skill you have acquired so far in your life time and stand brave and strong. 
This rune may present if you are going through legal battles, emotional turmoil, health related battles or anything that is of very specific and powerful nature that seems to be trying to strike you down! Tiwaz may also show up in parenting issues or when you feel you need to stand firm to protect those you love! 
While Tiwaz is a positive rune showing victory or success it does come with self sacrifice! This is a rune of selflessness and putting others before your own needs for the greater good! 


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