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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Sample Rune Reading

I posted on my facebook today that the first person who contacts me can get a free rune reading as long as I could post it on my blog.
I wanted everyone to see what a rune reading was like but I am not able to do a "fake" reading to do so. 
This is why I made the offer. 
The person who responded asked for a rune reading based on her career path.
While it would be impossible for anyone other than her to know the accuracy of this reading at the very least you can see what you could expect from one.
Here it is:

I love the layout and runes pulled for you! 
Very positive overall! 
Your rune reading deals with career and will represent your past, present and future in order and also in a combined perspective after. 
The first rune pulled for you regarding career is Fehu. 
This rune shows us your past in dealing with career matters. At some point in your past you had worked hard for your possessions or had good luck in obtaining them but regardless of how they were obtained nothing was actually given to you - all you had was with hard work or luck if not hard work. However Fehu deals also with future abundance as well - so this rune is telling me in the way I am interpreting it that you in the past were happy but had awareness that there was “something more” for you to come! Fehu is a rune that often represents having great hope and foresight on a successful future as much as one is happy with what they have in their present life. Perhaps you felt fulfilled until more recently when you decided to make a change for the better for yourself - again showing as Fehu represents - you work hard for what you wish to obtain! You are not lazy even if at times as all people you may feel a little tired - you tend to pick yourself up - dust yourself off and look for those positive signs of hope and abundance which is in fact exactly what one should do when wanting to use the Universal Laws! This rune shows me you have fortitude and good fortune when it comes to career choices and you are willing to make efforts to see things through! Even though at times you may have had some good luck when it comes to income, business options, career success, finances etc you are not one to simply step back and take from others - you are a giving person who deserves what you have! 
Your present situation comes up in the rune called Eihwaz.
Eihwaz is represented by the Yew Tree. The Yew Tree stands solitude and prefers to be as such. The Yew Tree is strong, and unwavering and shows dependability and reliability. This would be indicative of you choosing a career path that is for the most part on your own and doing your own business. This rune also represents a goal has been set and it is in fact an obtainable goal and will meet your desires if you continue on this path and course of action. That being said it is shown that what you have chosen to do will benefit you greatly! 
This rune also shows to me that you are an honest person with a sense of purpose. While everyone has self doubt at times you are resolute in your desire and your drive and nothing can stand in your way expect perhaps yourself if you allow this but the rune presented here shows me that you are not about to let that happen! 
On a spiritual level this rune represents wisdom and enlightenment. You have stood fast through the downpour that could have got in your way and have grown taller, stronger and wiser for it. Whatever you have been through you have taken into account and found the lesson within it and are using your enlightenment to find a better happier path. As a spiritualist this is one of my favorite runes as it shows someone who does not let things stand in their way but is capable of much power and uses it for the greater good! 
Your future rune comes up as Uruz. This is a very strong rune to have as your future! This rune is represented by the wild Ox! Physical strength, and speed and an untamed potential! This rune shows us energy and action and a time of amazing change which is most always very positive! You are charged with energy and courage! This rune represents one who cannot be held back and has amazing ability for success! 
This rune is sort of all encompassing as it is not just about the physical strength but also wisdom like your present rune shows us as well as understanding and grace! Uruz also comes up in times of sudden and unexpected change which in relation to your career path shows me that great success is right around the corner as long as you stay on this path! Uruz also shows one who is in the process of formulating oneself - perhaps your new career has you on a journey of your own outside of the work element itself - which could be a social sort of journey, a mental one, a physical one etc. 
This reading to me is saying overall you have made the right career choice for yourself at this time and place in your life path and is exactly what you need to find not just financial success and independence but also enlightenment and true happiness! 
Congratulations on your path - it looks quite wonderful! 


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