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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nineteenth Rune Ehwaz

Ehwaz - Phonetic Value E - Pronounced "ay-wawz"
or Ehwo"ay-woh"
Traditional Meaning: Horse or Two Horses
Expanded Meaning: 
Ehwaz represents the horse or other more modern forms of transportation such as planes, trains, and automobiles. Although the symbolism may seem to mean travel it is more about forward movement in one’s path along with change that is of a positive nature. 
Ehwaz shows us that through teamwork, trust, loyalty and harmony we can achieve a slow but steady progress toward ones goals. Ehwaz is a patient rune however and is not necessarily about rushing toward the end goal but being dependable and stead fast in order to arrive at ones destination safely and well grounded. 
This rune may come up in times of change in career, in times one needs to meet a deadline or goal or in the case of a harmonious marriage - one of a true partnership or that is ideal. 
Rune Tip: Ehwaz not only stands on its own merits and meanings but it also supports all the other runes around it and their meanings as well beyond any doubt! 


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