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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Taurus - All About You!

Taurus sometimes it just seems people don’t quite grasp how stead fast and dependable you can be! Your not necessarily oozing with sweetness but underneath that strong quiet exterior is someone with quite a sentimental side! 
Your love for home and security drive you to work very hard in life until you feel you have a stable ground to stand on. This at times makes you appear standoffish and cold toward love and romance but truth be known, someone will be very lucky to win your heart one day! 
You are an earth based sign which shows good common sense and loyalty! You are a logical creature who prefers to use common sense and wisdom! You do very few things on a whim even though sometimes that could be healthy for you, you tend to make conscious choices in everything you do. 
Be sure however you allow yourself to tap into that spiritual side of you every now and then because you, more than many signs need it! Because you are so driven and dutiful a little meditation and TLC for yourself is a must! Getting in touch with nature, taking a walk in the woods, planting a tree, tending a garden or caring for house plants are all good healthy things for you to do to keep your focus and balance. 
Having the colors of brown and green around you are also helpful to staying in balance with your true nature. Use your power stones to help balance chaotic energy when you feel stressed such as sapphire, coral, agate, emerald, quartz crystral, lapis and carnelian. 
You are known commonly as the Bull but you are also known as The Builder because your happiness comes from creating a strong foundation to build the rest of your life on. You are a stubborn provider and would always want to know you have security for a loved one even if they had plenty of income to support the two of you. You are a bit “old fashioned” especially you male Taurus! Female Taurus will always at least want a safe little nest egg tucked away! 
You are most compatible overall with the signs of Virgo and Capricorn however Scorpio makes for great romance and marriage partners! 
When planting be sure to grow some Violets and Poppy as they will make you feel peaceful. 
While you are a loyal friend who can be quite patient with others watch for bottling up emotion and exploding! Your anger can come over as quite frightening for those unsuspecting people who pushed you too far! Since you prefer to avoid conflict and really do not like to argue be sure you are not keeping things too much to yourself or you will tend to have that occasional explosion! 
Since this is your birth month Taurus, try not being so rigid and hard on yourself and have a little fun! 


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