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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eighteenth Rune Berkano

Berkano - Phonetic Value B - Pronounced "bear-kawn-oh
Traditional Meaning: The Birch-Goddess
Expanded Meaning: Berkano is the rune of new beginnings. It represents childbrearing, pregnancy, fertility, motherhood and well being. 
Berkano is said to be a protecting rune of pregnant women and children. Symbolized by the birch tree Berkano has a strong feminine influence but is not just connected to fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. Berkano is also about regeneration, regrowth, and liberation! Berkano reminds me of the spring time season when there is hope for new life and we are liberated from the cold months of winter. Berkano is new life, nesting, making our dwellings more efficient and open. It is also a time when like wildlife, people tend to feel a new zest for life, a new spring in their step. Sexual arousal and desire may be forefront at this time as well. 
Rune Tip: Fashion a rune out of birtch wood with the symbol of Berkano on it for protection, health and well-being.


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