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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dream Meaning: Crying - Continued

This is a follow up to a previous article found here:
Crying when one is awake is a release of emotion usually negative ones. Sometimes we are unable to allow ourselves to cry or have bottled up our negative emotions so much that these emotions need to come out somewhere. Often when crying in a dream it has little to do with the dream itself and is more of a direct link to our waking life. In other words you are crying in your dream because you need to cry in your waking life. 
Dreaming is a means for us all to gain balance we lack in our day to day lives. Regardless of what we may dream about the symbolism always has to do with what is going on in our psyche, subconscious, conscious etc ... so when we cry in a dream this is usually a way to release pent up anxiety, fear, energy that we can not expel in our waking moments. 
We feel more at ease in dream state, as it is for us and us alone and no one can infringe upon our personal information, therefore crying in dream state allows us to feel comfortable letting the negative emotion out. However, this is also a sign that you may need to release some of this emotion in your waking life as well. This is especially true if you wake up crying. This is a sign that you should really dig deep to deal with some repressed emotions which may go back into your earlier years, could be a hidden trauma even from yourself. 
The fact is we all need to express our emotions in a healthy and productive manner yet sometimes we do not feel we can for some reason or another. Crying in dream state allows us to regain balance we may not feel we have in our daily life but it is always best to come to terms with what is hurting us inside, speak to someone and find the root source of the problems and meet them head on. 


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