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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Complexities of a Soul Mate Relationship

At the risk of sounding like a broken record I want to remind my readers and anyone new who may stumble upon my blog here: 95% of soul mate relationships are hell. 
The rewards can be amazing, if and when you and your soul mate work through all your karmic lessons, however getting there can seem insurmountable and at times impossible.

The first thing I tell my clients when we discover their connection is that of a karmic, soul mate or spiritual connection is to RUN! 
Why would I say this if the outcome can be so glorious? Because as you and your soul mate are struggling through your karmic lessons your friends and people around you will be enjoying an easy going relationship, getting married and having kids and it will appear to you that everyone around you is living in bliss, even though we know they too have their problems now and then, while you are alone and suffering.
It truly IS a choice to go down the soul mate path, even if it feels the pull is so terribly strong you can’t help but go that direction, you do have a choice! 
Once you decide to continue down the soul mate path I will not berate you or tell you to get out, you are crazy, or to dump the guy or girl. If you do at a future time decide it is in fact too difficult of a path I will at that time support you in cutting ties and healing and moving on. However, I will only warn you once what you are getting yourself into. I have to believe my clients are wise enough to know they deserve more, in the now, as it is in the now we live in. I won’t treat my clients like children who do not know better for themselves. This is your life, your path and your decision. We can in fact learn so many valuable lessons from our soul mates, it was in fact our spiritual choice to be placed in this life time with them again for whatever reasons which often times we can discover what those reasons are! 
There are a lot of benefits to the struggle of going down the soul mate path - I just like to make it clear that you are not spiritually obligated to be on that path! Now it is true, if you choose to walk away it will come back up again in another life time but maybe in another life time you will be more prepared or maybe the other person will. Regardless if you can make it though the trails and tribulations of the soul mate connection and if your loved one can as well - as it does take two .. then the outcome can be all you dream! Nothing is ever for sure however and you must be willing to understand and accept that if your soul mate does not learn their lessons and work on the complexities of the relationship as well you could do all the work for nothing in the end. 
Its a gamble but for those who have stayed the course and found their pot of gold at the end of the tunnel - its worth it! 
If you are in a soul mate relationship and unsure if you should stay the course or not, consider this ... you will not end up alone and miserable - you will love again and you will be loved again! No it won’t feel the same. No two loves ever do! You can love just as much but in a different way and different is not bad - sometimes its better! 



  1. Soulmate Craziness :) Thx for your help last month!April 14, 2011 at 8:50 PM

    Great article Azzrian... :) :)

  2. :) Your welcome love !
    Glad I could help!


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