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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrating Arbor Day April 29th

135 Years ago a man named Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day. 
A simple idea of setting one day a year aside for planting trees was a great idea then, a necessary idea now! 
Trees are vital to our human existence and if you follow my blog you know my love for trees, yes I am a tree hugger! 
Tress are important to our communities for creating a harmonious environment and atmosphere and we all know tress help provide us with clean oxygen. One mature tree can provide enough oxygen for 10 people to inhale in a year! Tress clean our ground soil, control noise pollution, give homes to birds and other animals, slow water run off, provide shade and cooling, and act as windbreaks, just to name a few wonderful things tress provide to us.
In honor of Arbor Day Please Check out The Arbor Day Foundation’s Site here

and Like them on Facebook here:
A year’s membership provides you with 10 tress to plant in your own yard or to give to family and friends along with a list of other cool benefits and its only a 10 dollar yearly fee! 
Other ideas to celebrate Arbor Day are:
Slow down and spend some time meditating, praying or picnicking under or by a tree.
Teach a younger person or child about tress by reading them books or doing work sheets.
Obviously planting a tree is a huge plus but if you are not able to do so you can always make a small donation! 
Trees need company too, place a bird-feeder in a tree in your yard. 
Spread awareness - let others know about arbor day and the importance of trees! 
Take a day off to properly prune your tress - pruning is important to your tree’s health and longevity! 
There are so many ways to celebrate trees and it need not be a one time a year thing! 
Simply giving thanks to a tree can do the tree and yourself so much good! 
I hope everyone can do something special for Arbor Day! 



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