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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Blank Rune

There are a lot of varying opinions on the use of a blank rune in your rune set.

Those who use the blank rune say its meaning is about a clean slate, a new beginning or an ending, the alpha and the omega. 

The idea around the blank rune is that the unknown is possibilities! 
The fears we face about the unknown, will I succeed? Will I fail? Will I lose the one I love? Will I get the job? And the unlimited possibilities before us such as, I can change my fate, I can find love, I can make a million dollars. 
However, the blank rune has no historical reference either and was only introduced into the rune set around the 1980’s. 
Those who follow tradition say that using a blank rune should never be done and should be left in your rune set bag unused and only treated as a replacement should you lose another rune. However, not all are traditionalists! Things do change, we adapt to new beliefs, and perhaps there is a time when a blank rune makes sense in a layout. 
I leave it up to the rune caster to decide if a blank rune is to be used or not when I get a rune reading, however when I do a rune reading I will often ask the client if they prefer I use a blank rune or not. It really depends on the focus of the reading, the client themselves and my intuitive feeling on the situation at hand. 
I like to look at all sides of this discussion and honestly would not lead you into one side or another. To me the blank rune does at times have its purpose however it really does not give much guidance nor give a clearer focus to the person getting the rune reading and therefore often times can bring more confusion than direction. The purpose of a rune reading is for direction, not further confusion. For this reason I usually do not use the blank rune. Yet again one could argue that sometimes the very thing we need is to know there is possibility and that there can be an ending to one chapter and a beginning to a new one, in these cases the blank rune can in fact give us that hope. 
The real problem with the blank rune lies in his lack of historical reference and those who are more learned in rune work know that it goes much deeper than simply giving guidance and direction. There are historical references we can utilize to understand our rune readings on a deeper level that are lacking in the blank rune. There are magical influences and ritual uses of the runes, but not the blank one. 
In total, the blank rune really is not good for anything but the generalized meaning associated with it by those who use it, but for those who really understand what runes are all about it means absolutely nothing. 
Simply put, runes are symbols, the runes are not the stones, or gem stones, or wood the symbols are carved into, but the symbols themselves are the runes! So how can a rune then be nothing? How can it be blank since symbols are in fact SYMBOLS!? I think that pretty much proves the point that the blank rune really is not a rune at all. 
Still I leave this up to you to decide if you wish to use the blank “rune” in your set, should it come with one. 


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