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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wow Where Did The Time Go?

I just noticed that in a couple of months my blog will be two years old! 

Looking back I can see when I was more dedicated to blogging and when I got burnt out or just plain lazy. 

In this time I have learned more about how to pace myself as to not suffer from blogging burn out. I have also played around with themes a bit trying to recognize what articles seem to draw the most appeal. I do this not only from a stand point of wanting more followers but also so that my current readers keep checking back! I want those of you who follow my blog to enjoy what I write about.

I have a wide open door and welcome any sort of suggestions on articles, so if there is something you would like me to write about, just ask! If there is a theme you would like me to start or an old one you would like revamped just let me know!  

Anyone can email me at any time at azzrian@cox.net

I have not ran an online live chat for a long time now but I am thinking as a two year anniversary celebration I may just have to do one! If anyone has any suggestions on the theme or topic for the next live chat please leave me a note here or send me an email! 

I have always kept my blog ad free and only have put up amazon link for items I personally use and would endorse. 

I will continue to keep my blog ad and clutter free for my readers enjoyment into the future! 

I am changing my blog a little albeit slowly and adding a shop with items that I use, would like to have and encourage others to purchase. Some of theses items will be from Mandi Leigh’s Wiccan Boutique, many who follow my blog know she is my personal jewelry designer as well as recently creating my own personal rune set! 

I will be adding a new shop to my “boutique” which is The Wiccan’s Lair. 
Along with some amazon links to items I recommend. 

Be sure to check back in about a month to see the new shop on my blog! 

I just wanted to take a moment to keep my readers informed on some upcoming changes and thank you all for being faithful followers of my blog! 

Also on a side note - be sure to sign up for my newsletter - this is where you will get a monthly email with all kinds of goodies from newsletter subscribers ONLY discounts, entries to drawings and information on free chat sessions, contests and more! 

Take care all! I look forward to blogging for you into the future! 


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