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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Twelfth Rune Jera

Jera - Phonetic Value J or Y - Traditional Meaning: A Good Harvest
Expanded Meaning - Jera is one of my favorite runes! 
Jera traditionally means a good year or a good Harvest! It is all about reaping the benefits of your hard labor! 
Jera is deeply rooted to previous efforts made toward manifesting the positive! 
If you feel things have been stagnant in your life path Jera is a very good indication that things are about to spring up for you! 
Jera is prosperity, peace and realization of expectations, however Jera does not come easily and takes hard work! If you have Jera in your casting that shows you have worked hard for something and fruition of your labors is right around the corner! 
Jera reminds us just like the seasons that everything changes in its own time and there are great rewards if we use patience, love and care.


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